Spectrum Noir Brush Nibs - 3 Pack fits New Pen Design

Spectrum Noir Brush Nibs - 3 Pack fits New Pen Design
These brush nibs are replacements for next generation markers only
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This package includes 3 Brush Nibs. Fits in Chisel End of Spectrum Noir Markers. Replaces broad chisel nib that come standard with the next generation Spectrum Noir Markers.

The Brush nibs have been developed in two parts to protect the delicate soft tip end, so it does not get damaged with frequent re-filling action.  The official way to remove the nib is to remove the soft brush part first then with broad edge tweezers, or gloved fingers (to protect from ink stains) remove the hard core part of the brush nib, re-fill the pen, replace the hard core part of the brush nib and replace the soft delicate brush tip, the nib will continue to work beautifully.  This design feature  is unique to Spectrum Noir to protect the investment in brush nibs for the system, and to increase the longevity of the brush nib.

Please Note: These brush nibs will not fit our classic markers.

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Amy Wilkinson

- 8/14/2017

I bought ALL sets of the Spectrum Noir Illustrator because they had the small pointed nib AND the brush nib on the other end. I've never personally liked the larger regular marker nib. SOOO, when they said these nibs would fit in the both the original Spectrum Noir markers and the Illustrator, I bought 8 packages since I have 24 of the regular markers. Swapped them all out with the brush nibs. I'm incredibly happy and so pleased to be able to use these markers as effectively as the Illustrator markers. The only problem I had was that I ruined one of the nibs putting it in and only ordered exactly what I needed. Yup, pretty dumb of me. Next time I do an order of $50 or more (I do like the free shipping), I'll order a couple extra packages so I have them on hand. I LOVE the brush nibs!!!!
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