Spray & Sparkle Glitter Varnish - Multicolor

Spray & Sparkle Glitter Varnish - Multicolor
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Our Spray & Sparkle glitter finishing varnish can be used on most materials including card stock, paper, textiles, wood, metal and  glass  to provide a unique �glitter finish. It can also be used over our adhesives and other varnishes to create a range of finishes and effects.

Apply a thin layer of this product for a subtle, shimmering effect or apply in thick or multiple layers for a more intense, glossy finish. Currently available in 5 colors: Pink, Gold, Silver, Iridescent and multi-color.


-          The wide range of glitter colors available offer crafters the opportunity to obtain numerous creative finishes. The range is unique in its number of colors available. Most other providers have only a limited color range.

-          Does not contain water or acids

-          Glitter �effect� can be intensified with multiple layers

-          Won�t easily rub off when applied to paper, card stock and many other surfaces.

-          Unlike most other glitters available Spray & Sparkle glitter varnishes do not wet the paper.

-          Does not cause yellowing as with some other competitor products.

-          Due to very good coverage the Spray & Sparkle is very economic in use. Some competitor products require several coats to provide an acceptable finish.

-          Can be used on most materials including textiles. Most other glitter products work only on paper or card.

-          Can be used on polystyrene. Most other glitter varnish can cause damage to polystyrene.
96 g - 3.4 oz. Aerosol Cans
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