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6 Easter Craft Ideas for Beginners

  1. Read time: 6 minutes
  2. Written by: Crafter's Companion

Along with the brighter days of spring comes Easter – a time for fun, family, and chocolate! If you’re looking to get a bit crafty this year, check out our Easter craft ideas to make the event extra special this year.

What crafts can I make for Easter?

There are plenty of different crafts you can make that are Easter themed. From cracking cards to beautiful bunting and even creating a fun place setting for dinner, you can get creative with paper craft to make fun and easy Easter crafts.

1. Easter decorations

Decorating your home for Easter becomes much more enjoyable when you’ve made the decorations yourself! Here are a few ideas to get you thinking of your next big celebration.


For swathes of beautiful bunting use patterned paper to cut out Easter-themed shapes or letters, either with scissors or with a die cutting machine. Decorate with embellishments such as pom-poms, flowers, and other cute decorations before stringing them together with ribbon or twine and hanging them around your home and garden. Create a fun Easter message or mix and match designs to create something unique!

Place settings

Setting the table for a big Easter feast is much more fun when you’ve made your own settings. There are many ways to craft and customise place settings to make the dinner table look inviting and feel personal. 

Use the brush nib of Spectrum Noir Illustrator Markers to write names onto a folded piece of card in a brush lettering style. Alternatively, decorate each place setting with themed die-cut toppers, stick-on gems, and other embellishments to make them extra special. Or how about stamping the place settings with decorations or frames to make them look even more professional?

The possibilities are endless! Learn the basic stamping techniques in our Getting Started section.

2. Easter Gift or Egg Hunt Bags

Whether you’re giving out treats to loved ones or are playing host to the annual Easter Egg hunt, making customised gift bags is easy and fun! 

This craft is best done using blank gift bags but if you have some patterned ones, they’ll work as well. Stick spring-themed die-cut toppers onto the bags to create a customised bag for storing chocolate eggs and other goodies in. .

Letter tiles or packs include individual letters so you can spell out the names of your party guests. Alternatively, you could get some beautiful stamps, ink, and a stamping platform to stamp names and designs directly onto the front of the bags.

3. Easter Cards

Sending heartfelt Easter sentiments means all that much more when the card is handmade.

There are so many different ways to do this, from starting from scratch with a blank piece of card, die cutting, using a cardmaking kit and more!

Check out our guide to making Easter Cards here for more info!

4. Easter Egg Hunt

One of the best things about Easter is the egg hunts. Whether you’re competing for a prize or leading everyone to their own hidden goodies, Easter egg hunts are a fun way to get the whole family involved.

Cut out some simple egg shapes from coloured card or patterned paper and hide them around the house and garden to lead friends and family on a fun egg hunt. Make your eggs as simple or decorative as you like by layering up patterned paper to create different designs or cut into strips to create alternating patterns. Alternatively, why not stencil on a pretty design using some easy stencilling technique? 

Take it to the next level by creating your own signs to direct people along the way. Cut out sign shapes with some white stamping card before using Spectrum Noir Illustrator markers to create some beautiful brush lettering. Attach them to some stakes to stick into the earth or string up with your homemade bunting by punching holes in the top corners. 

5. Paper flowers

Nothing says Spring like a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. But, rather than decorate your home or crafts with ones that can wilt, why not make your own craft flowers to last for years?

You can add beautiful 3D flowers to the fronts of your cards and other Easter crafts but it’s also easy to create stunning centrepieces and other home decorations that will last for the whole season.

Specially made die sets allow you to cut out flower petals to layer up into stunning 3D flowers. You can create them from card, tissue, and flower forming foam which can be manipulated to create stunning real-looking petals. Add fun embellishments such as paper stamens to make your flowers look even more realistic and create a whole range of springtime flowers to make Easter bouquets, wreaths, or garlands for your home. 

6. Decorate a plant pot

When the days become warmer, it’s the perfect time to start planting again. If you’ve got a green thumb, or want to create something special for the gardeners in your life, what better way to brighten a sunny window sill, balcony, or patio than to add some personalised decorated plant pots? 

Use Spectrum Noir Acrylic Paint Markers to draw, doodle, and decorate a plant pot. These Acrylic Paint Markers offer opaque coverage on canvas, ceramic, glass, wood, porcelain, fabric and more and offer good saturation with every stroke of the pen nib. They’re perfect for customising and creating home decor projects, gifts and more! Simply choose your colours, decide on your design and get decorating!

We love to see the crafts you create, so make sure you share your projects with us! Don’t forget to tag us on social media using the hashtag #crafterscompanion

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