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Make Your Own Pleated Cushion Cover


Make your own pleated cushion cover with this easy to follow tutorial. Perfect for brightening up your home this Spring!

You’ll need:
• Sewing machine and thread
• Sharp scissors
• Rotary cutter, rectangular ruler and cutting mat
• Hand sewing needle
• 2 different fabrics


Step 1

Cut four 6.5” [16.5cm] squares of fabric A.


Step 2

Cut two 6.5” [16.5cm] x 3” [76mm] pieces of fabric B. Sew these two strips in between two squares of fabric A.


Step 3

Fold the fabrics so that the seams meet and press. You’ll see a box pleat forming.

Step 4

Put a little stitch over the seams to hold in place. Cut a length of fabric B measuring 12” [30.5cm] x 3” [76mm]. Sew the square panels to either side.

Step 5

Fold the seams to the centre again and press. Top stitch the centre of the four squares in a cross shape.

Step 6

Cut a 2” [5cm] circle of fabric B and take a running stitch around the edge. Pop your button in the centre and pull to gather.

Step 7

Hand-sew the button to the centre of the cushion cover.

Step 8

To make the back of the cover, cut two rectangles of fabric A measuring 12” [30.5”] x 13” [33cm]. Sew them together along the long side with a ½” [12mm] seam allowance. Press the seam open.

Step 9

Place your zip face down over the seam and hand tack.

Step 10

Sew all the way around with your zipper foot on your sewing machine. Remove the tacking stitches. Unpick the seam over the zip with a quick-unpick.

Step 11

With the zip open, sew the two pieces of the cover right sides together all the way around. Clip off the corners and turn the right side out. Press, then insert your cushion pad.