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Bag It Up Using Our Winter Wonderland Fabric!


This stylish bag features the new Threaders Winter Wonderland fabric collection. It makes a sweet lunch bag and a gorgeous gift idea – if you’re willing to part with it!

Discover just how easy it is to make your own with our step-by-step tutorial, by Diane Fisher.

Approx. finished measurements: 11×8″(28x20cm)

You will need

50cm (20”) of interfacing

50cm (20”) of Threaders Winter Wonderland Wrapped Up fabric for the outer bag, drawstring panel and handles

50cm (20”) of Threaders Winter Wonderland Pink Frost fabric for the lining and contrast band

Two 70cm (28″) lengths of ribbon for the drawstring element

Threaders Winter Wonderland Thread Box

Basic sewing kit

Sewing machine


Fabric preparation

Cut two 23x30cm (9×12”) panels of outer bag fabric, lining fabric and interfacing. Cut a 2” square from the bottom corners of each piece.

Cut two 20x30cm (8×12”) panels of fabric for the drawstring element.

Cut two 8x30cm (3×12”) panels of fabric and interfacing for the handles.

Cut four 6x30cm (2.5×12”) panels of fabric and interfacing for the contrast band of the bag.

Step 1

Follow the fabric preparation guide above to cut your pattern pieces. Iron the interfacing onto the wrong side of the main bag, contrast band and handle pieces.

Step 2

Fold each of the handle pieces lengthways, right sides together and sew down the long open edge. Turn them through so right sides are facing outwards, press and topstitch down each long side.

Step 3

Sandwich the handles between two contrast strips, 11cm (4¼”) from the side edges. Sew along the edge of the contrast strips on the side where the ends of the handles are positioned.

Step 4

Sew two contrast strips together ensuring that the seams from Step 3 align. Turn the piece the right side out, then press and topstitch around the top of the contrast strip.

Step 5

Place the 9×12” outer front and back panels right sides together. Stitch down both sides and across the bottom, keeping the top open. Bring the base and side seams together on one bottom corner and stitch across them. Repeat this on the remaining bottom corner to box the base of the bag. Repeat this step with the 9×12” lining panels, but leave a 12.5cm (5”) turning gap across the bottom.

Step 6

Sew the two drawstring panels together along the two sides measuring 20cm (8”) stopping 4cm (1.5″) from top. Press the seams open and topstitch down each seam to neaten them. Double-fold along the top edge where you left the 1.5” gap, top stitch around the channel.

Step 7

Place drawstring piece right sides together onto the lining, and stitch it to secure in place.

Step 8

Place contrast strip with handles right sides together with the outer bag and stitch it to secure it.

Step 9

Place lining right sides together with outer bag and sew around the top.

Step 10

Pull bag out through the turning gap left in the lining from Step 5. Sew the gap closed by hand or machine and push the lining inside the outer bag.

Step 11

Use a safety pin to thread a length of ribbon through the drawstring channel, going through on side and threading it all the way round to exit at the same side it entered. Repeat this with the remaining length of thread, starting and exiting on the opposite side. Tie knots in the ends of the ribbon and pull the ribbons to close the drawstring top. Your sweet bag is now complete!

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