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A quick look at the Gemini Quilting Pattern Guides Set 1

Crafter's Companion – 01/06/19

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, getting hold of extra tools that help you to perfect your craft is absolutely essential and that’s exactly what the Gemini 6-in-1 Quilting Pattern Guides can do for you! Quilters of all levels will love the amazing effects you can achieve with these guides, so if you wanted to add incredible quilted details to your textile projects, these guides could be for you.

If you’d like a bit more info about these guides, you can take a look at our fact-packed post, but as a brief re-cap, these guides are created from 3mm thick acrylic and allow all quilters to expand their creativity by stitching stunning designs following along with the shapes that are cut into them. You can create waves, flowers, stars and so much more with total ease!

To give you a bit of inspiration, we thought we’d share this fab video from Lizzy Curtis that shows you the effects you can achieve with Set 1.

As you can see, these Quilting Pattern Guides are simple to use, but like many things, practise makes perfect, so don’t be nervous about trying them out! However, if you’re worried about slipping at all, try out the Gemini Quilting Gloves for even more grip and precision.

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