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Watch Along Wednesday – superb symmetry with the Mandala Stamp and Dies

Crafter's Companion – 12/06/19

Welcome to another installment of our wonderful Watch Along Wednesday series! We’ve got a super fun and colourful one for you today, as David Falcon is demonstrating the incredible Gemini Mandala Stamp and Dies!

Mandalas originate from India and focus on symmetry, so these stamp and die sets are the perfect way to add a touch of Eastern delight to your projects. With symmetrical designs centred around a circle, these traditional symbols represent the universe and all of the cosmos, so if you’re looking to bring ethereal beauty to your projects, these sets are the way to go.

If these sound like something you can see in your collection, have a watch of David’s project video below! He uses the Zen set to build a stunning 3D card design with beautiful pops of colour that create an unbelievable focal point.

Each Mandala set includes one complete mandala stamp, plus several dies. The idea is that you can use the dies to create different sizes of mandala, which can be layered on top of each other to create one 3D embellishment. Use with a variety of colouring mediums to create different effects. The mandalas are statement-sized and have been designed to take centre stage on your cards and papercrafting projects.

You can use them for heat embossing, for creating wall art, for stamping on to fabric, for adding to candles and so much more! They’re such a diverse selection of sets that would make a brilliant addition in absolutely any collection.

A selection of glitters was also released alongside these Mandala Stamp and Dies, so we recommend having a play with them to see the amazing effects that can be achieved!

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We hope you enjoyed this exciting and exotic edition of Watch Along Wednesday. Make sure you check back next week to see David getting crafty with the Gemini Nesting Dies! In the meantime, make sure you share your Mandala Stamp and Die creations with us on social media using the #WatchAlongWed hashtag!