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A touch of nature – wildflowers lampshade project

Crafter's Companion – 05/07/19

Follow along with this project to bring nature indoors with your very own hand-stamped lampshade! This is a really simple project and it’s perfect for upcycling an existing lampshade or crafting something new for a gift.

The finished piece is something that will look great in any home and you can personalise it with your favourite colours to fit into a specific colour scheme.

You will need:

Step 1

Cut the individual stamps from the A5 sheet and mount those you wish to use on to Rock-a-Blocks. If you are using a ready-made lampshade, you may find it easier to stamp the images using the stamps unmounted.

Step 2

If you’re stamping on to a strip of calico rather than directly on to a ready-made lampshade, ensure that it’s ironed well prior to stamping as you don’t want to use a steam iron over stamped areas. Apply Sparkle Pens of your choice on to the Woodland Wildflowers stamps. Lightly spray the coloured stamps with water to create a soft watercolour effect when stamping.

Step 3

Stamp the images either directly onto the ready-made lampshade if you’re using one, or across the length of the calico strip. Continue stamping until you are happy with your design.

Step 4

If you have stamped directly on to a ready-made lampshade, your project is now complete! If you’ve stamped on to a strip of calico, then affix the calico around the lampshade, or if you’ve used a kit, then assemble the lampshade as per the kit instructions. You now have a stunning lamp that adds a touch of wildflower prettiness to the home.

If you love this project, then why not experiment with the rest of the Threaders fabric stamp sets in this range? Check out all of the designs that capture the beauty of the British woodland on your future projects!

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