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Birds Of Love Layering Stamp and Die project

Crafter's Companion – 02/08/19

Bring a touch of love and nature to your papercraft projects with this Layering Stamp and Die tutorial! Nothing shows someone you care quite like a pair of loved up tweethearts perched on a branch! Pair it up with traditional love bird shades like green and red, or go for punchier shades like orange. You could also personalise the sentiment for your recipient – the possibilities are endless!

You will need:

Step 1

First of all, create a circle with the compass of  6” diameter on the white construction cardstock and create your card base. Cut out by hand and score in half, then gently burnish and fold the score line. Make sure you do not create a sharp fold! The score line needs to be rather wide in the fold for the pendulum to swing freely once inserted!

Step 2

Find the center of the card base and cut a 1/4” wide slit with your craft knife on the score line you just created. That’s where the pendulum will get inserted.

Step 3

Use the torn edge circle dies to cut two circles from the orange and yellow textured card stock, using the two largest dies from the set.

Step 4

Emboss the circles using the embossing folder, add glitter to one of them if you like by using one of the sparkle pens.

Step 5

Use the compass to create a 5 3/4” cirlce on orange textured card stock, cut in half and emboss, too. Glue to card front.

Step 6

Now i’s time to stamp the love birds. It is essential to start with the branch first, and it is very helpful to use a stamping platform for perfect placement of all the layers, too.

Step 7

Stamp the branch in Pine Tree, then lay down the first layer of the love birds, lining the toes up in the gaps of the stamped branch. Stamp the first layer in Straw Bale, then line the second layer of the stamp set up to stamp that one in Orange. The third layer then gets stamped in Bordeaux and layer four goes on in Honey Pot. Once your love birds are finished, use the die to cut them out.

Step 8

Next, cut a strip of 3” x 1/4” from white card stock and glue down the first 1p coin to one end of the strip. You can cover up the coin by cutting circles from the white card stock that are slightly bigger than the coin, but this is optional and not needed for proper function of the pendulum.

Step 9

Now insert the pendulum from the inside through your slit and push it up high enough so that it is almost as long as the inside of the card is. It must not touch the ground in order to swing freely, but it should be as down as possible for maximum swinging.

Step 10

Next, cut a small circle of 3/4” diameter with the help of your compass or circle dies you might already have in orange textured card stock, and attach it with tacky glue to the pendulum bit that is sticking out.

Step 11

Adhere the two larger orange and yellow circles to the back of your card base, using tacky glue. Bend them slightly backwards on the score line so the birds can swing without getting caught by the background.

Step 12

Now, use the extra strong red tape to stick the two birds to the pendulum in a way that they sit slightly above the free edge of the card base. Please refer to the pictures to see how to place them best on the circle on top of your pendulum.

Step 13

Use the Torn Edge Oval Dies to cut the ovals for your sentiment, one in Orange and the smaller one in White. Stamp your sentiment in Bordeaux and use the 3D collal kit to layer them up.

Step 14

With the sentiment sitting so high on the card, you will need a counterweight on the backside of your card to balance it out, so it will be able to swing. So with the sentiment sitting high up on the right, the counterweight needs to go low down to the back of the card base on the left. Use sellotape for temporary placement until you find the perfect spot where the card is nicely balance, then glue the penny down with tacky glue and cover up with a white circle again.

Step 15

Decorate the front of the card with flowers and your card is complete!

If you want to stop the card base from opening up too wide or even falling flat, you can create a magnetic closure on both sides of the card by using the little magnets!

Make sure you show us your completed cards on FacebookTwitter or Instagram using the hashtag #crafterscompanion. You could even have a go at making your card completely unique by changing out the colours, the stamped sentiments or the image used!