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Metallic merry makings with the Gemini FOILPRESS Christmas Sentiments and Borders

Crafter's Companion – 15/08/19

The Gemini FOILPRESS is one of our most loved machines here at Crafter’s Companion and it’s not hard to see why! You can create stunning foiled effects on almost any project and we’ve got a great range of Foil Stamp Dies and Foil Stamp ‘n’ Cut Dies to suit a range of occasions. However, today is all about Christmas! To celebrate the launch of our FOILPRESS Christmas Sentiments and Borders, we thought we’d show you a few unique ways that you can use them.

While one of the most common ways to use the FOILPRESS is on plain card, there are actually a multitude of uses for this versatile machine. It’s even great for needlecrafters and multi media craft lovers! Take a look through this post and see if inspiration strikes for your next Christmas creation.


A Christmas table or tree isn’t complete without a fabulous selection of crackers. While they look kind of complicated to put together, there are actually a great selection of blank cracker nets on the market! All you would need to do is add your foiled design, put the cracker together and embellish to your tastes.

The crack above uses the Starry Night Foil Stamp Die and we love the way it looks – simple and elegant!

Glitter card gift bags

Wrap up your gifts in style with a homemade gift bag. If you aren’t too sure how to create a bag, you could even embellish some sheets of card with the FOILPRESS and adhere them to an existing bag, adding a touch of homemade loveliness.

This bag above uses the Celebrate the Season Foil Stamp Die with a gold glitter card backing, giving a beautiful effect to the foiled sentiment. However, if you aren’t a fan of the glitter card, you could go with a plain colour, Centura Pearl, metallic card or a funky pattern to add a touch of pizzazz.

Fabric baubles

Our FOILPRESS machine is absolutely amazing for foiling on to a range of fabrics, so it’s perfect for clothes customisation or adding a personal touch to a textile project. We absolutely love the look of this velvet bauble, which uses the Silent Night Foil Stamp Die printed in gold on black, giving a sleek and sophisticated look.

Of course, you don’t have to use velvet! The FOILPRESS also works perfectly on cotton, so you could foil on to the Threaders Winter Wonderland fabrics for ridiculously fun and individual projects.


Another material that is great to use with the FOILPRESS is faux leather. This means that you can easily personalise jackets, belts, bags and so much more. It’s also a really easy material to use if you want to create your very own handmade gifts. Just take a look at the stunning bookmark in the image above! We’re in love with the bottle green faux leather!

This beautiful bookmark features the Sleigh Bells Foil Stamp Die to give the impression of a traditional decoration. Any of the Border Foil Stamp Dies will work perfectly with a bookmark project, as they’re designed to fit into a strip. Just add a tasseled edge and any extra embellishments, then you’re good to go!

Polythene bags

Sweets, chocolates, confetti – they all look so much better when they’re packed into personalised polythene bags. They’re ideal for a range of occasions, but we’re head over heels for the bag above, which uses the Christmas Joy Foil Stamp Die. The green foil just looks so striking against the clear polythene!

The best thing about creating your own polythene bags is that there are so many other ways to add a homemade touch. As you can see on the image, this bag also features a handmade, embossed topper with gold ribbon and a holly embellishment. It looks so effective!

Vellum embellishments

Printable vellum is a brilliant, translucent paper product that can be used as an overlay, as an insert or as a wrap, like you can see in the image above. This makes it an amazing material to use in your Christmas crafting because it’s super versatile and perfect for adding the finishing touches to cards.

The wrap that you can see above uses the Christmas Wishes Foil Stamp Die and features dainty stars alongside the swirling sentiment. It just adds that little extra something to a project.

Negative embellishments

Don’t worry! By ‘negative’, we don’t mean bad! When you use a Foil Stamp Die, the image or sentiment is added to the material from the foil, leaving behind a negative space in the foil, which can be re-purposed like in the image above. The sentiment starts off foiled, then flows through into the negative seamlessly! This is a technique that can be used on cards, gift tags, gift bags and so much more.

The stunning gift tag that you see above features the Season’s Greetings Foil Stamp Die, which is a gorgeously simplistic design that would suit a whole range of projects!

We hope that this post has given you a little bit of an insight into what our Gemini FOILPRESS can actually do, whether you’re crafting for Christmas or not! We absolutely can’t wait to see how you use yours, so make sure you share photos of projects with us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram using the hashtag #crafterscompanion.