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Hot water bottle cover

Crafter's Companion – 12/10/19

Brrrr… the chill is starting to set in, so there’s never been a better time to craft something functional and beautiful. Make sure you ward off the cold this season with a handmade hot water bottle cover! All you need to do is download the template (link in list below), print it out and cut your fabrics to size. Then follow the instructions and you’re good to go!

Get super creative with colours, prints and embellishments to really make this project your own. You could even play with thicker fabrics like fleece or waffle material to really keep warm!

You will need:

Cutting notes:

  • Follow instructions on the template
  • Use a 0.6cm (0.25″) seam allowance throughout the project

Step 1

Adhere insulate lining on to all fabric pieces.

Step 2

Take both of the back pieces and fold the straight edge over 0.5″ and again 0.5″, then top stitch to secure. Sew Velcro along the edges that you have just stitched. Position the top and bottom together to form the entire back shape.

Step 3

Add your preferred embellishment to the front and stitch in place.

Step 4

Right sides together, sew the left hand side only. Press flat and position the ribbon on the wrong side of the neck of the panel. Stitch ribbon across the neck along the top and bottom edges. Leave the ends open to thread elastic through.

Step 5

With right sides back together, stitch all around the bottle shape. Thread elastic through the ribbon at the neck and anchor in place.

Step 6

Turn through so that right sides are facing, then add in your hot water bottle!

This is such an easy project to create and it would make a brilliant personalised gift! You could try adding appliqued names or phrases, or even create cute animal faces. There are so many possibilities, so have a go at putting this hot water bottle cover together. We’d love to see your finished projects, so make sure you share your photos with us on our Sew Inspiring with Crafter’s Companion Facebook page, tag us on Instagram (#crafterscompanionsews), on Pinterest (@CraftersCompUK) or on Twitter (@CraftersCompUK)!