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Simple sleeping mask

Crafter's Companion – 16/11/19

Like we mentioned in our gratitude attitude post, having a grateful mind can help you to sleep better, but if you still struggle to drift off, try making this simple sleeping mask! Infused with lavender, this mask is the perfect thing to send you to sleep on a night (or during nap in the day). The best bit about it, though, is that it’s so simple to make!

Personalise your project with your favourite fabrics and try embroidering a different image or your name on the front. Make this sleeping mask make your own!

You will need:


  • Use a 0.6cm (0.25″) allowance throughout the project

Step 1

Cut out two masks from fabric using template A.

Step 2

Cut out two masks from fusible fleece using template A. Trim the fusible fleece so that it fits inside the sewing line, position in place on the fabric mask shapes and iron in place.

Step 3

Iron bondaweb on to a contrasting fat quarter. Draw around template B and cut out with sharp scissors. Peel off the backing and position on the front of the mask, then iron in place.

Step 4

Using a heat erasable pen, draw eye lashes and words. Hand embroider using the Sew Lovely thread, double stranded.

Step 5

Apply applique around the shape using a satin stitch. Set the sewing machine to zig zag, altering stitch length and width.

Step 6

Attach elastic to the front of the mask (see template A for position). Secure with a few stitches within the seam allowance.

Step 7

With right sides together, pin and sew around the shape, leaving a gap at the top to turn through, taking care not to catch the elastic.

Step 8

Turn out and press, fill with lavender and slip stitch the opening.

This is such an easy and fun project to recreate, so we can’t wait to see how you personalise yours! Make sure you share any photos of your sleeping mask with us on Facebook UKFacebook USA,  TwitterInstagram UKInstagram USPinterest UK or Pinterest US using the hashtag #crafterscompanion.