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Quilt-Along Part 1

Bernie Corner – 16/11/20


Cut two 110×6.4cm (43¼x2½”) strips from Fabric A
Cut three 110×6.4cm (43¼x2½”) strips from Fabric B
Cut four 110×6.4cm (43¼x2½”) strips from Fabric C
Cut one 110x110cm (43¼x43¼”) square from Fabric D and wadding
Cut four 22.9×22.9cm (9×9”) squares from Fabric D
Cut one 33x33cm (13×13”) square from Fabric D
Cut two 72.4×3.8cm (28½x 1½”) strips from Fabric D
Cut two 77.5×3.8cm (30½x 1½”) strips from Fabric D
Cut 96x 3½” half-square triangles from Fabrics B and E

Step 1:

Take the 110×6.4cm (43¼x2½”) strips cut from Fabrics A, B and C and divide them into three sets as follows; A/C/B, A/C/B and C/B/C. Stitch each set of three strips together along the long sides, staggering the short ends (see below). Press the seams in A/C/B toward the outer strips and in C/B/C toward the inner strip.

Step 2:

Take one strip set and use the Threaders 6×24” Folding Ruler to trim one edge at a 45-degree angle. Measure in 6.4cm (2½”) from the angled edge and sub-cut a strip (see below). You will need eight in total from this strip set. Repeat this step on the remaining two strip sets.

Step 3:

Take one strip from each set and arrange to form a diamond (see below) then stitch together. Take care to match the seams. Repeat with the remaining strips. You will now have eight diamonds.

Step 4:

To form the star, join the diamonds in pairs until you have two sets of four. Next join these two sets together. This method eliminates any y-seams. Press the final seam open.

Step 5:

Take the 33x33cm (13×13”) square cut from Fabric D. Using the 6×24” Threaders Folding Ruler, cut the square into four quarter-square triangles (see below).

Step 6:

Lay the star out on a flat surface and place the triangles in opposite corners. Also place the four 22.9×22.9cm (9×9”) squares cut from Fabric D in the remaining corners. You should have one large square once pieced. To insert each square and triangle, pin one side well. The tip of the diamond should overhang by 0.6cm (¼”) and the inner point should overhang by 1.3cm (½”). Use a fabric pen to mark in 0.6cm (¼”) as shown (below). This point is where you will start stitching, then sew towards the tip of the diamond, securing stitches at the start and end. After sewing one side of the shape in, clip the inner corner of the star slightly to help manoeuvre the fabric then pin and sew the other side.

Step 7:

Trim this centre panel to 72.4cm (28½”). Next take the two 72.4×3.8cm (28½x1½”) strips cut from Fabric D then pin and stitch to opposite sides of the panel. Repeat on the remaining sides with the two 77.5×3.8cm (30½x1½”) strips. Press well.

Step 8:

To complete the centre panel, take the 96 half-square triangles cut from Fabrics B and E. Join them all in pairs of opposite colours to form squares. Take four of these pairs and join together to make a larger square [F]. Repeat with the remaining pieces until you have 24 squares. Divide and sew these into two sets of five and two sets of seven. Take the two sets of five squares, then pin and stitch to opposite sides of the panel. Repeat on the remaining sides with the two sets of seven. Press well.

Step 9:

The centre panel should now measure 42½” square. Place the backing piece wrong side up onto a large surface. Add the wadding on top followed by the centre panel with right side facing. Adhere the wadding to both pieces using Threaders Stick & Spray for Fabric. You can now set this piece aside ready for quilting later in the Quilt-along. Join us for part 2 to learn how to start making the remaining borders.