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It’s time to organise your craft dies with the Totally Tiffany Desk Maid Die File!

Crafter's Companion – 15/05/21

Confession time – how many metal dies do you have in your collection and do you know where they all are? With the number of amazing designs available, it’s far too easy for your craft space to turn into a maze of metal dies! Well, your organisational prayers have been answered with the Desk Maid Die File from Totally-Tiffany!

This super clever device is the perfect way to store and organise your dies, and keep them easily accessible so you can spend more time crafting and less time sifting through your collection! It’s such a lifechanger, we’ve decided it deserves its own blog post, so read on to find out everything there is to know about the Desk Maid Die File..

What is the Desk Maid Die File?

The Desk Maid Die File is a storage solution from Totally-Tiffany. It’s essentially a chest of drawers for dies! The wooden frame holds 10 pull-out wood panels designed to hold thin metal dies -simply pull out a panel, and find the die you want for your project. Putting them away is just as easy!

Some of our favourite features of the Desk Maid Die File:

  • It has been designed by Totally-Tiffany with the crafter in mind and is the perfect way to organise and safely store your die collection – you’ll never have to dig through bins and boxes for your long-lost dies again!
  • Each Desk Maid Die File comes with 60 self-adhesive magnetic strips which you can stick onto the wooden panels. This will hold your metal dies securely in place so you always know where they are!
  • You can store hundreds of dies of all shapes and sizes! Simply arrange the magnetic strips on the wooden panels according to the size of the dies you want to store
  • The wooden panels come with tabs -ready to be labelled up!
  • Personalise your storage system – arrange your dies however you like, by season, occasion or just how often you use each set of dies!
  • It’s made from wood so is solid and sturdy
  • It measures, 15.75″ long x 13″ wide x 6.25″ tall (horizontal orientation), and will fit perfectly onto most cube storage shelves

How many dies can I fit inside?

We aren’t exaggerating when we say hundreds of metal dies can be securely stored inside the Desk Maid Die File. To be honest the number of dies you can fit inside is down to the size of the dies themselves.

Each of the 10 panels included measures 11.5″ x 14.5″ and with 60 self-adhesive magnetic strips included that could be simply divided into six strips for each panel. But, it’s up to you! You can arrange the self-adhesive strips according to the size of the dies you’re planning to store – so if you have a lot of smaller dies you’ll fit more in.

You can also purchase more magnetic strips and pop them onto the back of each wooden panel to double up the storage capacity!

Is it portable?

The Desk Maid Die File is a sturdy storage centre that is best to keep in your craft space rather than take with you on your travels. But, the wooden panels are super easy to transport. The Die File Panel Sleeves are perfectly sized to house the wooden panels – so you can pull out sections of your die collection to take to workshops or just to make on the move!

We hope we’ve answered all of your questions about the Desk Maid Die File from Totally-Tiffany. If you need a little more information – here’s Tiffany herself with some handy hints, tips and advice for using this storage solution.

If this post has inspired you to spruce up your craft space and make more room for making – then keep your eyes peeled for more Totally-Tiffany posts, where we’ll be taking a deep dive into more of her core products!