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Sales Tax Information

We’re updating the way you shop with us!

From Wednesday 3rd November 2021 onwards, when you shop online with Crafter’s Companion you’ll need to make sure you’re visiting the correct site in order for your transaction to complete. So, for those of you ordering to the US and Canada, that is www.crafterscompanion.com. For those ordering to the UK, that is www.crafterscompanion.co.uk, and for those to Europe that is www.crafterscompanion.eu. Customers in the US and Canada will only be able to check-out on the www.crafterscompanion.com website.

Don’t worry - you’ll still have access to the same fabulous range of crafting goodies, fantastic prices and all the benefits of Club Inspire! Our websites are the same wherever in the world you are, we just need to make sure you’re shopping on the right platform so you can check-out successfully.

The reason for this is that the website now needs to accurately calculate and add on the appropriate sales tax based on your shipping address. We know we haven’t added sales tax to your shopping basket before, but this is now a legal requirement for us in the same way that we charge sales tax for shoppers in the UK (where sales tax is 20%). This change also applies to totally-tiffany.com.

To make this as simple and straightforward as possible, we’ve streamlined the checkout process on our website. So you’ll be able to shop as normal, and any sales tax will be calculated automatically and displayed when you reach the checkout.