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Beginners Guide: Multi Media Die Cutting

The art of die cutting can be used for so much more than papercraft. With Multi Media Dies you can open up a whole world of new creative possibility!

Multi Media Die Cutting can be used to create beautiful bags, personalised jigsaws, the cosy patchwork quilts and so much more - all with a Gemini Die Cutting Machine.

So, if you’ve been bitten by the die cutting bug and want to know what else you can make - you’re in luck!

What are Multi Media Dies?

Multi Media Dies are thicker than the classic papercraft die. This means they can cut through a range of fabrics including cotton, denim, faux leather, corduroy and felt.

With Multi Media dies you can cut up to 6 layers of cotton in one go! So you can create all of the pattern pieces for a sewing project with accuracy and speed.

What materials will Multi Media Dies cut through? 

Multi-media dies will cut a whole host of materials, including:

●       Cotton

●       Denim

●       Faux Leather

●       Corduroy

●       Felt

●       Foil

●       Vellum

●       Chipboard

●       Vinyl

●       Cork

●       Foam

●       Mountboard

Multi Media Die Cutting Technique

Multi Media Die Cutting is a snap! It follows the same technique as regular die cutting using a Gemini machine.  If you’re new to craft, check out our handy introduction to die cutting for everything you need to know.

Follow this plate combination for Multi Media Dies as listed in your Gemini manual.







From top to bottom:

○       Clear Cutting  Plate

○       Plastic Shim

○       Multi Media Die with blade side facing down

○       Fabric to be cut

○       Metal Shim

○       Clear Cutting Plate

Multi Media Die Cutting Craft Projects

Multi Media Die Cutting is a versatile craft technique that will make so many craft projects quick, easy and give you more  time to get creative!

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Bag Making

Many Bag Making Kits include Multi Media dies to cut out all of the pattern pieces to build a gorgeous bag in whatever fabric and colour combination you like!  So you can unlock your inner fashion designer to create a range of completely customised bags for gifts, or just to jazz up your own wardrobe.


If you’ve always fancied making your own cosy patchwork quilt, to cherish and keep but thought it might be out of  your comfort zone - we have news for you! The Gemini Build-a-Block system of Multi Media Patchwork Dies takes all of the hard work out of measuring.So you can pick and choose shapes to create your own unique patchwork design! Take a look at this handy guide to find out more.


Applique is the art of stitching shapes onto fabric to create patterns, words and images. With accurate Multi Media Applique Dies you can add a homemade  touch to a gift or accessory with an Applique monogram or decoration. 

Personalised Jigsaw Puzzles

As well as fabric, Multi Media Dies will cut through other material such as mountboard. This means you can create home decor and gifts such as personalised jigsaw puzzles! With the Gemini Multi Media Jigsaw dies you can create fun puzzles featuring treasured photographs, sweet messages and your own customised designs.