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20 for 21 Challenge: Day 4

  1. Read time: 2 minutes
  2. Written by: Tiffany Spaulding

Day 4: Mail – Designing a system for dealing with the things you need/want to keep.

Develop an easy system for dealing with the items you didn’t throw into the recycle bin.

Bills to pay, reading materials, catalogs, etc., each of these items should have a home when they arrive at yours.

Bills get filed by due date in a file on your desk.

New magazines replace old magazines on the coffee table. (Old magazines go in the recycle bin – GULP!) Catalogs and advertisements should only be kept if you’re actually shopping for or in need of something in that advertisement. If you don’t need anything, try putting these things directly into the recycle bin as well. Don’t worry, that brand or store will be sending you a new advertisement VERY soon.

Rather than “stacking” the things you’re keeping – try putting them in an easy to access vertical file. When you’re ready to pay bills or review something else, it’s easy to pull out of the vertical file.

I’ve used a simple vertical file from the office supply store, 8.5×11 Tabbed Divider Pockets, 5×7 Tabbed Divider Pocket (stamps), and both the small and large Shut Your Flap labeling tabs.

Tracking Bill Payments – like most of you, I have the majority of my monthly bills set up through “Autopay”. I set up a master bill checklist in January and check off each payment as it clears my account(s). I include quarterly and annual expenses like insurance, taxes, and even my Costco membership.


______ Set up a simple vertical organization system.

______ Set up a monthly bill tracker

Besides the products mentioned above, you may want to check out our A4 Paper Handler & Pockets, A4 Fab File & Pockets, for organizing your mail as well!

Have you joined our 20 for 21 Challenge?

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All this month, we will be going through our list of 20 things you can do in 21 minutes or less to be more organized in 2021!

The challenge will run Monday through Friday, starting with Day 1 on January 4th and ending with Day 20 on January 29th. Each day, we will be posting either a blog post, a short Facebook Live, or photos that go with each day’s challenge.

To follow along with us, make sure you grab our FREE printable checklist!

Happy Crafting!

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