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5 ideas for Valentine's Day cards

  1. Read time: 3 minutes
  2. Written by: Louise Brown
Now we’re in a brand new year, the season of love is almost upon us, with only a few weeks left until Valentine's Day!

Be prepared this year and give your loved ones an extra special card or gift that is handmade and means the world. Here are 5 handy ideas to make your Valentine’s Day cards stand out!

1. Gemini Expressions Metal Die - Valentine

From a simple 'Valentine' to the ever-popular 'Will you be my Valentine?', this high-quality metal die from our Gemini range is perfect for any kind of Valentine-themed crafts! 

All you need is your card or material of choice and a Die Cutting Machine to get started, and the rest is up to you! Add your wording of choice to an ombre heart like above, or surround it with detailed embellishments to make it stand out!

2. Sara Signature The Roaring 20's - Together  Forever Stamp

If you're looking to create a card that is a little bit different, with an art-deco feel to it, look no further than the Sara Signature Roaring 20s range! In the 'Together Forever' Stamp Set from the range you'll find four acrylic stamps that are perfect for your Valentine's Day card, including a glamourous 1920s couple, a heart, a diamond and a 'together forever' sentiment in a vintage font. 

Pair your stamps with gorgeous paper pads, ribbon and more from the same range to give your card the full effect! 

3. Gemini Expressions Die - Love You

Show your love in style with the 'Love You' metal die from our Gemini Expressions range!

This die is designed to make your words stand out and stand proud across the top of your card, with the other half of your message underneath, showing the inside colour of your chosen cardstock. It's the perfect die for Valentine's Day to tell your other half just how much you love them!

4. Gemini Elements Die Swing Card - Heart

Swing into action with your die-cutting this Valentine's with the swinging heart card from Gemini Elements. 

With four dies included to make your card and simple, easy-to-follow instructions, you can make a Valentine's card like no other. Simply follow along and finish off with a sentiment and some pretty embellishments! 

5. Gemini Multimedia Die - Heart Jigsaw

A card and a gift in one? Winner! Create your very own heart-shaped jigsaw this year, built into your Valentine's Day card! 

Thanks to the Gemini Multimedia Dies, you can turn anything you like from your favourite patterned card to a photo of you and your family or significant other into an adorable 10-piece jigsaw in the shape of a love heart. All you need is a Die Cutting Machine, your chosen card and your photo of choice!


Looking for more ways to share the love this February? Check out our inspiration page here!


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