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Free shipping available on orders over $125*

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7 ways to use our 4x6 Fab Files

  1. Read time: 3 minutes
  2. Written by: Crafters

There are so many ways to use our Fab Files. The 4x6 is particularly useful for crafting supplies as so many of our favorite crafting supplies are 4x6 or 2x3.

Here are just a few ways we're using the 4x6 Fab File. If you're using yours in other ways, we'd love to hear about it!

Photo Storage

This is the most obvious use and the actual reason why this product was designed.  The 4x6 Fab File will hold up to 300 photos.  Each 4x6 Fab File comes loaded with 6 reusable file folders.  These file folders have a front pocket designed to hold your journaling notes.

Project Life Type Cards

These type of project cards are produced in 2 sizes - 4x6 and 2x3.  Both fit equally well in the 4x6 Fab File.

Use the included file folders to separate each set of Project Life cards.  If you purchase the type of Project Life cards that also includes some die-cut embellishments, those can easily be stored in the front pocket of each file folder.

Pop Dots, Glue Dots, & Other Flat Adhesives

One of the biggest challenges with these type of supplies is that they are small and flat, which makes them easy to misplace.  Keeping all of them together in a 4x6 Fab File can help solve this problem.

Having them all together also makes it easier to choose the right thickness of pop dot or type of glue dot.

Embossing Folders

4x6 Embossing Folders are a perfect fit in this Fab File!

The file folders can be used to help organize the embossing folders.  Group the embossing folders by theme, sentiment, or holiday and put them into the file folder.  Each file folder will hold 3-4 embossing folders.

Cards You've Made

You've put a lot of time, energy and money into your handmade cards. Storing them somewhere safe and accessible is so important.  You want to find them when you're ready to send them.  Even your kids and husband will be able to find the Thank You card they need when you use a labeled 4x6 Fab File to store your cards.

Card Blanks

Keeping card blanks and coordinating envelopes organized can be challenging.  Try using a 4x6 Fab File to organize your card blanks by color.

I used tabs to label the envelopes in each color section.  You can use the included file folders to help organize but they aren't necessary.

Organize Common Card Supplies

There are some themes and sentiments that are used over and over when you're making cards.  Thank You, Happy Birthday, and Handmade by ____ are a few common examples.

Storing these commonly used items in a 4x6 Fab File will keep them accessible at home and also keep them easily transportable if you want to take them to a crafting event.

As you can see this Fab File is SUPER versatile!!! What will you do with yours?  I'd love to know. 

Thanks for stopping by today to learn a little more about the 4x6 Fab File

Happy crafting,

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