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9 sewing essentials for beginners

  1. Read time: 4 minutes
  2. Written by: Crafters

To start your sewing and needlecraft journey, you need the right tools. But, there are so many different supplies out there it can be difficult to know where to start!

So, to make things easy we’ve worked with Crafter’s TV sewing expert, Becky Sworn to create a list of nine sewing essentials. These tools can be used with all types of sewing project. So whether you’re interested in patchwork, quilting or bag making – you can get stitching straight away.

Essential sewing tools and supplies:

1. A good pair of scissors.

This sounds obvious, but it’s so key! For a professional finish, you need a clean, straight and accurate cut. And the simplest way to achieve that is with a top quality pair of scissors. Get a large pair for cutting fabric and a smaller pair of precision snips for detailed work and cutting thread.

2. An unpicker.

Everyone makes mistakes! And actually, making errors and finding out how to un-do them and avoid the same problem next time is a great way to learn and develop your sewing skills. An unpicker is such a useful tool, you can slice through the back of stitches to go back and fix a mistake.

3. An iron.

If you work with crumped fabric, you’ll never get a perfectly straight cut and it’s so tricky to fit those pattern pieces together. So, iron every piece of material before you start!

4. Good quality pins.

Pins are a classic way to hold your pattern pieces together while you stitch. And a good quality pin makes all the difference! Sharp, quality pins won’t dirty marks or visible holes in the materials when you unpin. This set from Threaders has 50 flat button head pins plus a magnetic dish to keep them safe and secure!

5. A rotary cutter.

You’ll wonder how you ever managed without a Threaders Rotary Cutter – they’re ideal for just about every sewing project. Just hold down the trigger and roll over your fabric for an instant, accurate and clean cut! The 45mm Rotary Cutter is your go-to essential for just about any sewing project. And the larger 60mm Rotary Cutter is ideal for quilting, patchwork and thicker fabrics. And the

6. A cutting board.

The only downside of a Rotary Cutter is that you can get carried away and forget what’s underneath your fabric! Protect your worksurface with a Self Healing Cutting Mat from Crafter’s Companion. This anti-slip mat includes grid lines to help you cut with accuracy. And as well as protectng your surfaces it provides a smooth surface to work on, and will keep your blades sharp!

7. Sewing machine.

Simple but important! You don’t have to make a huge investment to find a good, reliable sewing machine that will see you through those beginner stages to more complex stitching.

8. Adhesive spray.

I love Stick and Spray and Stick and Stay from Crafter’s Companion. They will save you so much time! Stick and Spray is a repositionable fabric adhesive. It will hold fabrics together while you arrange applique, position a hemline or attach stabiliser. So you don’t need to spend time pinning! It won’t leave any residue or gum up your needles either – win win!

Stick and Stay is a great tool to have in your back pocket for quick projects and fixes. It’s a no-sew spray adhesive that will permanently bond any fabric. Just arrange your pieces and heat set with an iron for an immediate, permanent bond that’s machine washable. It’s the perfect solution when you just don’t have time to pick up a needle and thread!

9.Acrylic ruler or tape measure.

If you’re working without templates or stencils, you need a good ruler or tape measure in your kit. The Crafter’s Companion Metal Edge Acrylic Ruler   is crystal clear so you can see through to make sure you’re making accurate cuts. And the metal edge is robust enough to maintain a perfectly straight edge when used with rotary cutters.

These nine essential sewing tools will help you get started in so many creative projects. From patchwork and quilting, to applique, bag making and more!

Don’t forget, we love to see your finished makes! So, make sure to show us your finished creations on Facebook UKFacebook USATwitterInstagram UKInstagram USPinterest UK or Pinterest US using the hashtag #crafterscompanion

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