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Butterfly Exploding Box - Craftaganza 2010 project

  1. Read time: 4 minutes
  2. Written by: admin
I wanted to take this opportunity to personally wish everybody a very happy New Year!
One of my favourite times of year is our Craftaganza event that we hold in November every year at the Aston Hotel in Darlington. Myself, Leann and other crafting favourites lead workshop groups over the course of three days, and I really enjoy getting the chance to sit and chat with you all in a relaxed environment. It's also nice for you guys to get the opportunity to meet members of the Crafter's Companion team who come along to help out, and put faces to the names that you will know well!
One of the projects my workshop groups did last year was an exploding butterfly box. It was really popular with the crafters, and so I thought I'd share it with you here!
You will need:
Firstly, use the SWALK 2 CD to print designs onto both sides of the Snow White card. From these sheets, cut a main box base (27cm x 27cm); a inner box layer (26.5cm x 26.5cm); a box lid (14.5cm x 14.5cm) and a central box layer (7.5cm x 7.5cm). Place the main box base piece onto the Box Lid side of the Ultimate, and score the seventh line on all four sides.
Place the inner box layer onto the Box Lid side of the Ultimate, and once again score the seventh line on all four sides. Trim out the corner squares from both pieces and crease the score lines. Stick the smaller piece into the centre of the larger piece using Photoglue only in the central panel.
Place the box lid piece of card onto the Box Lid side of the Ultimate, and score the second line on all four sides. Trim the corner squares into flaps.
Secure the four corners using Photoglue. Hold in position for a short time for the glue to set in exactly the correct place. Check that the lid fits correctly before beginning your decorating.
To make the butterflies, emboss and cut out four small butterflies from the Teddy Surprise embossing board, using the card that you cut away from the corners of the base piece. Also cut four body sections of the butterfly from the pearlescent purple card. Shape the butterflies with the scoring tool.
Emboss and cut out four more butterflies from the Spray & Sparkle covered acetate, using the smallest embossing tool. When you cut them out, the body does not need to be cut around - it can be cut away. Assemble the three parts of each butterfly by sticking the acetate layer over the top of the card butterfly, topping it with the body section.
Stick the two thin strips of thick acetate in a cross over the centre of the exploding box, using a little adhesive right in the centre. Stick the central box layer over the top of the acetate, to cover the join.
Mount your four butterflies to the ends of the acetate strips using double-sided tape, making sure that the butterflies stay within the parameters of the box. You may need to trim down the acetate strips to make sure that they are positioned correctly.
When the butterflies are attached, bend the acetate to make the butterflies hover inside the box.
You can use the off-cuts of cardstock to emboss and cut out the tiny butterfly from the embossing board, and decorate the outside of the box with them. And then your project is complete.
Well, I hope you've enjoyed making that project from Craftaganza 2010 - incidently, bookings are now open for the 2011 Craftaganza, which is going to be held from 24th - 26th November this year. Email Meg ( for more information. It would be lovely to see you there!
Happy crafting until next time!
Sara xx
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