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Free shipping available on orders over $125*

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Dazzle with die-cut delights with the Delicate Create-a-Card Collection

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The lightest touch can often have the greatest effect, and with the Delicate Create-a-Card Die Collection it’s the amazingly light and finespun details that will give your cards a real wow factor!

And the best part is, you don’t need to be an expert to create these exquisitely detailed designs, anyone from beginners to experts can enjoy layering up colours, and patterns to make the silhouetted images really shine!

Each set in this stunning collection from Gemini includes dies to create the most intricate images imaginable, and at 4″ x 6″ they’re all perfectly sized to fill your cards from top to bottom with gossamer light detail that’s sure to delight any recipient!

Let’s take a look at the full Delicate Create-a-Card collection…

The black cardstock used to cut out the Champagne Celebrations set really makes the fine detail stand out – you can practically hear the bubbles popping! And, the gold background gives this card a luxe look, making it the perfect way to make sure your celebrations are that little bit more special.

It couldn’t be easier to create these stunning designs! All you need is a die-cutting machine, a die and your chosen card or paper stock. Simply create your plate combination using the helpful Sandwich Guide in the instruction manual and run through your die-cutting machine – it’s that simple! Particularly detailed designs in this collection may need to be passed through your machine twice with a metal shim to ensure all details are cut through. 

This Statement Rose set is perfect for so many occasions, its timeless beauty would be ideal for birthdays, Valentines or anniversaries – as with this card! The soft gold tone and gemstone embellishments give this card a warm but elegant look – perfect for celebrating a lifetime of happiness!

Each set includes the main detailed panel as well as a separate outside frame die, so you can choose to cut in the detail, or cut out the design as a whole and use a stunning panel piece for larger projects. 

This delicate and feminine Belle of the Ball card is just gorgeous! The intricacy of the sweet die-cut roses that ramble up the page on onto the dress is stunning and the combination of soft rose and ivory makes all the detail really pop!

How romantic is this card? The beautifully coloured background gives a dusky moonlit atmosphere, capturing the heartfelt sweetness of this Moment in Time- we think this would be just perfect for engagement or wedding cards!

There’s something magical about this Fairy Garden card! The purple tones give a fantastical feel to the scene of a tiny lace-winged fairy flitting among the bluebells and wildflowers.

How gorgeous is this colour palette! The fiery tones of the Graceful Butterfly really stand out from the black background, making the filigree pattern burst from the card!

We hope this post has given you a little taste of the amazing die-cut looks you can create with the Gemini Delicate Create-a-Card Collection!

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