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Create magical movement with this guide to Penny Slider Stamp & Die sets!

  1. Read time: 3 minutes
  2. Written by: Crafter's Companion

If you’ve been looking to breathe new life into your card creations we have the most perfect range for you! The Penny Slider Stamp & Die Collection from Gemini will bring the magic of movement to your crafty makes.

This clever collection adds some amazing animation to your cardmaking creations – all using a couple of penny coins! In this blog, we’ll be taking a closer look at how to use the Gemini Penny Slider Stamp & Die sets, (don’t worry it’s actually super simple!) So pick up those pennies and let’s get moving!

What is a Penny Slider card?

With Penny Slider Stamp & Die Sets you can create cards that move! Two penny coins are used to help a cute character move and spin along a path cut into the card. You can use either a UK or US penny and each set has been designed to fit perfectly on any size of card base.

And with a whole collection of sweet scenes to choose from, you’ll be spinning, flying and floating into action in no time!

How to make a Penny Slider card

  • Create a card front to measure the same size as your card base. Place the slider path die on top and run it through your die cutting machine
  • Stamp and colour your decorative elements and cut them out using outline dies together with your die cutting machine
  • Apply 3D foam pads to the reverse of your die cut card front that you created in Step 1
  • Place a penny between the card base and the die cut card front. Position it so you can see the middle of the disc through the slider path
  • Once you’re happy with the positioning, remove the backing from the 3D foam pads and adhere the die cut card front to the card base, trapping the penny in between
  • Stick a small 3D foam circle to the middle of the penny that is showing through the slider path
  • Adhere a second penny to the rear of the main character or image of your set
  • Attach your character or image to the 3D foam circle that peers through the slide path, so you create a sandwich. Make sure to press firmly to ensure the mechanism is securely attached
  • Rock the card gently from side to side and watch your little character spin and slide into action!
  • Decorate the rest of the card using the stamps, dies and sentiments in your set

These sets are super fun and with a whole cast of cute characters to choose from, there’s sure to be something to raise a smile for any occasion. Here’s the full list of Penny Slider Stamp & Die sets:

  • Over the Moon
  • Flying By
  • Look for Rainbows
  • Smooth Sailing
  • Go Bananas
  • All Ears
  • Sky’s the Limit
  • Smitten as a Kitten

Take a look at some of the fun-tastic cards you can create using this collection and see where your inspiration takes you!

Why not mix and match characters, stamps and sentiments from the different sets to create a completely unique Penny Slider scene ! You could send a rabbit into space or send a paper aeroplane on a heart-shaped journey – it’s all up to you!

Well we hope we’ve given you some paws for thought with these super cute Penny Slider sets! It’s time to dig out that penny jar, search for loose change and get creating!

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