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How to make an advent calendar

  1. Read time: 4 minutes
  2. Written by: Crafters

Make the countdown to Christmas extra special with a homemade advent calendar! Crafting your own advent calendar means you can choose your own personalised gifts and treats to pop behind every door. Why not make one for your family that’s filled with all their favourites?

Crafting an advent calendar might seem daunting, but Gemini Door Reveal Stamp & Die sets make cutting each door so simple. Follow our step-by-step instructions with fulls to guide you every step of the way to craft something special this Christmas.

You will need:

Step-by-step instructions:

  • Cut a piece of white card 11 ¼“x 8“ and a piece of patterned paper 11” x 7 3/4“.
  • Use your chosen adhesive to attach the paper to the card. It’s important to get good, even coverage across the whole sheet, so the card and paper are securely glued together.
  • Use a pencil and ruler to lightly draw a grid on the sheet. Mark ¼” then 2.5” four times vertically. Next, mark ½” then 2” three times horizontally as shown. This will create the template for your advent calendar doors!
  • Take the smallest Square Door Reveal die. Line it up on against the left edge of the 12 large boxes you have drawn from the grid.
  • Secure the die in place with low tack tape and run through Gemini Die Cutting Machine. Repeat to cut 11 more doors as marked on your sheets.
  • Cut a piece of card 11 ¼ “ x 5”. Score across the long edge at ½”, 1 ½”, 3 ½” and 4 ½”
  • Score and burnish along all the edges. This will create a tray with two flaps.
  • Cut a strip of patterned paper 11 ¼” x 2” and attach to the bottom of the tray.
  • Cut three small pieces of card 2 ½” x 1”. Score down the short edges at ¼” either side and attach at ¼”, ½” and ¾” of the way across the tray as shown.
  • Turn over the front of the your advent calendar and line the tray across the middle row of doors. Once you’re happy with the placement, add the gifts and glue down. Leave ½” unglued at either end. This will make it easier to attach the base later.
  • Create another two trays for the top and bottom rows and attach them to the front. Don’t forget to add the gifts!
  • For the base, cut a piece of card 13 ¾” x 10 ½”. Score at ¼” on all 4 sides, then at the 1 ¼” line. This will give you box base with 1” depth and ¼” gluing flap
  • Starting on the short sides, attach the glue flaps to the inside of the front panel. Continue attaching the long sides until all four sides are attached securely.
  • Cut strips from patterned paper to match the front of your advent calendar. Attach to the bottom and sides. With the top strip cut two small holes and insert some ribbon in the hole. Then secure on the top of the calendar.
  • Stamp and die cut numbers out for the each of your 12 doors.
  • Attach o the front of your advent calendar doors and your calendar is ready to hang!

We can’t wait to see your finished makes! So, don’t forget to show us your Christmas craft creations on Facebook UKFacebook USATwitterInstagram UKInstagram USPinterest UK or Pinterest US using the hashtag #crafterscompanion

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