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Free shipping available on orders over $125*

Free shipping available on orders over $125*

Make Christmas Decorations using Sara's Scandinavian Christmas range

  1. Read time: 2 minutes
  2. Written by: Rebecca.Whitehead
What have you been making with your new Scandinavian goodies from Sara's Signature Collection? Why not try your hand at pretty tree decorations like these ones from the wonderful Marie?!

You will need:

Sara Signature Scandinavian Christmas Nordic Bird dieSara Signature Scandinavian Christmas Love Birds dieSara Signature Scandinavian Christmas Bakers TwineThreaders Felt Bundle – NaturalsThreaders Felt Bundle – BrightsStick and Stay for FabricThreaders Erasable Fabric PenToy StuffingRed and White Embroidery ThreadButton 


  1. Lay the Love Birds die on a folded piece of card and draw a line approximately 1.5cm from the edge. Cut out with the card still folded to give you a heart shape template.
  1. Use the template to draw around onto red and white felt using an Erasable Fabric pen. Draw two on the red felt and two on the white felt.
  1. Die-cut two pieces of white felt using the Love Birds die and two pieces of red felt using the Nordic Bird die.
  1. Lay the die-cut felt on scrap paper and spray with Stick and Stay for Fabric.
  1. Iron the die-cuts to the felt hearts. Any marks from the Erasable Fabric pen will be removed and the die-cuts will be adhered to the hearts.
  1. Pin the two red and two white hearts together with the die-cuts on the outside. Sew around the edges with a blanket stitch using 3 strands of embroidery thread. Sew most of the way around the heart then stuff with toy filling. Finish stitch around the heart.
  1. Sew a length of Bakers Twine through the top of the hearts to hang then from. Tie the loose ends together so the hearts hang at different lengths.
  1. Tie a bow from the Bakers Twine and sew to the knot. Thread Twine through a button and sew this on top of the bow to finish.


When spraying the felt die-cuts with Stick and Stay, make sure you have covered the pieces well including all the edges to ensure the felt adheres in all areas when ironed.Have a go yourself and share your makes with is on Social Media. We'd love to see!Happy Crafting,CCUKXX
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  2. Christmas
  3. Quick Craft
  4. Die Cutting

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