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Personalise your papercraft collection with the ScrapRack's 4 Section System from Totally Tiffany!

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Save more time for crafting with the sensational ScrapRack storage system from Totally-Tiffany! One of the many great things about being a crafter is taking the time to be creative, with no distractions or worries - just your inspiration and a full toolkit of colour, texture and fun to choose from.

But, and we've all been there, sometimes your flow is interrupted when you can't find that one piece of patterned paper, or sentiment stamp that would tie your creation together perfectly. Cue many minutes of burrowing through boxes, bins and bags before emerging dusty and triumphant with that elusive last piece of the puzzle.

If this sounds all too familiar, then Totally-Tiffany's ScrapRack storage system may just be the solution for you!

The ScrapRack is a papercraft and scrapbooking organisation system that combines the ease of a binder with the functionality of filing. Designed by Totally-Tiffany with the crafter in mind, this will revolutionise your crafting workspace for good!

But you don't have to take our word for it, scroll on to find out how this clever little craft hero works and how to get the most out of it with the 4 Section System of craft supply organisation

What is the ScrapRack?

When we say it was designed with the crafter in mind, we really aren't kidding! It was designed by Totally-Tiffany's founder, Tiffany Spaulding after finding she was spending more time pulling supplies out and putting them back again than she was actually getting creative.

The first Totally-Tiffany product, and where the brand began - the ScrapRack filing system is a customisable organisation system for scrapbookers, card makers and papercrafters. With a binder style, crafting supplies are within easy reach in a range of storage page pockets, each designed to accommodate papercraft supplies and materials of all shapes and sizes!


How to Build Your ScrapRack

First things first! Setting up and assembling your ScrapRack, ready to be filled with page upon page of crafting goodies.

ScrapRack parts:

  • ScrapRack Base: This metal base is hinged at the back and stands at a 45 degree angle on your desktop, cart or shelf. Two metal “wings’ are added to the base to create support for the storage pages.
  • Spinders: Spinders are the 3 ring binder sections that adhere to the ScrapRack Base. A single base ScrapRack System will hold 7 Spinders.
  • Basic Storage Pages: Designed to hold most of the supplies you will use in scrapbooking, card making and more. Lightweight, but heavy duty, food grade plastic all 10 available designs measure 12.5″x 12.5″. Each pocket has a crescent cut flap at the top of the pocket.
  • Speciality Storage Pages: Designed to hold most of the supplies you will use in scrapbooking, card making and more. All 5 designs are made with a heavier plastic and are packaged in sets of 3-5 depending on the page design.
  • Dividers: Dividers are slightly larger than storage pages. As well as offering ease of labeling, dividers also help to provide page stability and to protect the edges and corners of your storage pages.

Building your ScrapRack:

  • Set the base on its back and insert the included hook-shaped pin to secure
  • Tip the base onto its right side, sitting on its rubber feet
  • Attach the metal wings to each side of the base - they should click into place easily
  • Attach your Spinders to the centre and you're ready to start loading pages!

The 4 Section System

The 4 Section System is a great way to catalogue your stash by grouping supplies together into four distinct sections. Now for the really clever bit! This craft supply organisation system works by helping your brain create patterns for remembering - patterns which are reinforced each time you put something away or take it out.

The 4 Sections have been designed around familiar patterns that you know and use already, making it even easier for your brain to form those patterns:

  • Alphabets and Numbers
  • Themes A-Z
  • The Calendar Year
  • The Rainbow

Let's look at each section in a little more detail, so you can start organising your stash straight away!

1. Alphabets and Numbers

This section includes anything related to letters, numbers and punctuation. This section doesn't include anything themed, for example if you have an alphabet set that is part of a collection - it would be be best to keep the whole collection together.

Think of the Alphabets and Numbers section as anything you might need to use to write words or create a title or monogram.

2. Themes and Sentiments A-Z

This section is organised by theme and sentiment, arranged in alphabetical order. These themes can be as specific or as general as you like! For example, you could have an 'animals' section that could then be sub-divided into 'Woodland Animals', 'Marine Animals' etc.

3. The Calendar Year

This section is dedicated to papercraft supplies for occasion and seasonal projects throughout the year, eg. Christmas, Easter, Summer Holidays.

You can choose to split your section into the four seasons, or create sections for each individual month. This way you can keep all of the Halloween, Christmas and Springtime supplies in the correct month, so you'll never miss out on a great themed make!

4. The Rainbow

This will be the most eye catching part your ScrapRack! The Rainbow is where you put all of your crafty bits and bobs that don't naturally fit into any of the previous 3 sections.

Grouped by colour, according to the order of the rainbow, this includes absolutely everything else - ribbons, beads, paper, buttons and whatever you have in your stash! This is a great way to avoid digging through multiple small boxes and containers to look for the perfect colour and size of brad or bead!

Well, that was your first deep dive into the wonderful world of the ScrapRack craft storage system from Totally-Tiffany! If you can believe it, there's so much more to discover about this binder system - so here's Tiffany herself to talk you through some of the most important features.

If this post has inspired you to spruce up your craft space and make more room for making – then keep your eyes peeled for more Totally-Tiffany posts, where we’ll be taking a deep dive into more of her core products!

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