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Spectrum Noir AquaTint Liquid Ink-spiration

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  2. Written by: Crafters

We’re so pleased and excited to announce the latest Spectrum Noir launch – the AquaTint Liquid Inks! If you’re an avid watercolour fan or someone who has always wanted to try out watercolour art, you’re going to love these pots of joy. Inside, you’ll find 30ml of pigmented liquid ink for you to experiment with.

These inks feature the same formula that’s inside our AquaTint pens, but contained inside a jar, you’ll find that you have many more artistic opportunities at your fingertips. You can brush, drop, spritz, salt and more to achieve your desired look!

These vivid dye-based colours blend effortlessly with water, so you can experiment with fusing colours and achieving the most trendy watercolour effects – perfect for backgrounds, personalising card for die-cutting and so much more.

If you need convincing a little more about these inks, take a look at all of the inspiration below!

While these inks are ideal for washes of colour (which we’ll show you in a minute), they’re also good for detail work. Just look at the image above – there’s the stunning layers of the hills, but there’s also the beautiful trees, adding detail into the skyline. The inks can be used to delicately paint without the need to dilute it down with water, giving you the opportunity for precision.

For an abstract look, these inks are ideal for swirling together to create a fun background. As these are water-based inks, the colours will bleed into one another if you apply them together. This will be reduced slightly if you apply a wet ink on top of a dry ink, but there will still be a slight bleed. However, you can use this to your advantage to create beautiful effects, like the background on the card above!

If swirling isn’t your thing, you can go for that full on watercolour background. This is highly trendy at the minute and dominates Pinterest, so this is the way to go if you want a bit of a contemporary look. Simply add your colours, dilute with water and watch as they magically fuse and blend together!

As well as brushing and diluting, what else can you do? Well, with these inks, the world is your oyster! We love the way the they’ve been flicked on to this adorable pug image to add an abstract touch, as well as dripped at the bottom of the image. It’s just a matter of playing and seeing what you think looks great.

You can also spritz the ink from a spray bottle, use salt to create unusual looks, add a crinkle effect with cling film and so much more. They’re the perfect product for experimenting!

Why stop at just creating artwork? You could use your AquaTint images for die-cutting, embossing or even stamping! We’re in love with how the Stitched Edge Circle Dies transform this beautiful snowscape – it just adds an extra bit of elegance.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this look at the Spectrum Noir AquaTint Liquid Inks and that this post has given you a bit of inspiration for your next project! Once you’ve created your artwork, make sure you show us and tag us in photos on FacebookTwitter or Instagram using the hashtag #crafterscompanion.

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