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Free shipping available on orders over $125*

Free shipping available on orders over $125*

Tips and Tricks for using the Totally-Tiffany Vinyl Roll Organizer

  1. Read time: 2 minutes
  2. Written by: Crafters

Scraps – Wrap them in a sleeve or store them in a pocket

Vinyl can be expensive. Getting the most out of your investments means using as much of it as you can. Keeping your scraps organised with your vinyl rolls will help ensure you use scraps whenever possible. There are two ways to store scraps with the Vinyl Roll Organizer. For smaller scraps, use the Scrap Pockets that are part of the system.

You will only need one Scrap Pocket per Vinyl Tray. The pockets are made of clear plastic. Load larger scraps in the back and stagger smaller scraps moving forward for maximum visibility. Because the pockets are clear, you can face some scraps forward and some backwards.

For larger scraps, wrap them around the roll of vinyl before putting the roll into the sleeve. Your large scraps will be visible, accessible and protected too!

Re-roll your vinyl

The Vinyl Sleeves really make this system functional. To get the best use of the sleeves, unroll your vinyl from the manufacturer’s cardboard tube. Re-roll the vinyl into a tighter cylinder, slip the vinyl into the sleeve and let it “unroll” itself in the sleeve. If the vinyl doesn’t unroll to fill the sleeve, while the vinyl is in the sleeve, put your finger into the end of the roll “unroll” the vinyl by rotating your finger counter-clockwise around the inside of the tube.

Save the instructions

The manufacturer’s instructions that are provided with the vinyl/foil can be very helpful. Cut them off the product label and roll them up with the vinyl – Tiffany prefers to put them on the outside of the roll, so she can see them without having to unroll the vinyl.

Label the Vinyl Sleeves

If you regularly use the same types/brands of vinyl, cut the label off the package and using your Xyron to adhere the label to the tube. You won’t have to do this each time – just remember to refill your empty sleeves with the same type of vinyl that matches the label.

Label Vinyl Trays by type/color, or decorate them to match your craft room

Trays can be labelled using your adhesive vinyl and your Gemini or other cutting machine. Get creative and label or decorate your Vinyl Trays to match your room or craft space.

Thanks so much for stopping by to learn a few tips and tricks about using our Vinyl Roll Organizer System. 

Happy crafting,

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