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Top Tips for Perfect Organisation with the Totally Tiffany ScrapRack!

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  2. Written by: Crafters

Revolutionise your crafting stash and make sure every single item is always at your fingertips when you need it with the ScrapRack from Totally-Tiffany!

The ScrapRack was designed with the crafter in mind, a customisable organisation system for all makers, whether you’re into scrapbooking, cardmaking or enjoy a bit of everything! With a straightforward binder style, and storage pages designed for all types of crafting supplies, your entire collection is always within easy reach!

For an in-depth introduction to the ScrapRack check out this guide. But, today we’ll be taking a deeper dive into different types of Storage Pages, how they can be used, and top tips and tricks to getting the most out of your new organisation system!

Why should I start using a ScrapRack?

There are so many reasons to start your organisation journey with Totally-Tiffany’s ScrapRack! But we know you’re all very busy people, so today we’ll just focus on three biggies…

Save Money

When your craft stash is tucked away in boxes and bags, piled up in the corner of the room – it can be easy to forget which dies, stamps, paper pads and embellishments you actually own! This can lead to buying duplicate items – when you could save your money for that brand new collection you’ve had your eye on.

Save Space

Whatever your crafting set up, there’s always a need for more and more space to get creative! With the ScrapRack you can fit thousands of crafting items in a small space. So you can demote those old cardboard boxes to the recycling and clear more room to enjoy your crafting time!

Save Time

Who has the time to be crawling under desks, and struggling to reach the top of a teetering tower of boxes in the hope of finding that one particular die, stamp or pad that you’re pretty sure is there? Us neither. Spend less time hunting and more time crafting by organising your supplies in the ScrapRack. And for even more efficiency you can try out the 4 Section System to make sure the right piece is always at your fingertips!

ScrapRack Dimensions:

The ScrapRack base is 15″ long x 12″ deep.
Each of the “wings” is 11″ wide.
When the wings are on the base unit the total length is 37″.

How to customise your system with ScrapRack Storage Pages

One of the very best things about the ScrapRack system is its amazing versatility – whatever the size and scope of your crafting stash you can customise your storage to suit!

There’s a full range of storage pages in many styles and shapes, all specifically designed to accommodate different papercraft materials – from tiny embellishments and stickers to photos, to larger sheets of paper, stencils and more!

All you have to do is choose the pages to fit your crafting supplies and you’re good to go!

Basic Storage Pages

Each Basic Storage Page comes with a crescent cut pocket flap, to keep your supplies securely stored and measure 12.5″ x 12.5″ – so you can fit just about any papercraft or scrapbooking. These pages are made from lightweight but heavy duty, food grade plastic and are currently available in a number of different pocket configurations.

The pages all come in 10s so there’s more than enough for you to organise your entire stash.
Here are some great examples!

  • SuperSized Single: Each page has one large 12″ x 12″ pocket, designed to hold papers, card, sticker sheets and more. Each page can hold 10-20 sheets of paper!
  • Vertical Double: Each page includes two pockets measuring 6″ wide by 12″ long, making them ideal for borders, longer dies and sticker sheets!
  • Double X-Long: Each page includes two pockets measuring 12″ wide by 6″ long, ideal for storing borders, stickers and patterned paper pieces
  • Double Sided Duo: The front size has two 6″ x 12″ horizontal pockets, and the reverse has one 12.5″ x 12.5″ Super Single Pocket
  • Fabulous Four: Each page features four 6″ x 6″, perfect for larger embellishments, unmounted rubber stamps, cardstock scraps and more!
  • Fantastic Five: Each page includes two 5″ x 7″ pockets, two 7″ x 5″ pockets and one 1.5″ x x 1.5″ pocket, perfect for so many things; unmounted stamps, card blanks, embossing folders, embellishment sets and more
  • Perfect Six: Each page includes six 4″ x 6″ pockets, perfect for photos, stickers, die cuts, and so much more
  • Straight Eight: Each page features eight 3″ x 6″ pockets, perfect for embossing folders, ribbon, embellishments and more!
  • Trader’s Twelve: Each page includes 12 3″ x 4″ pockets, perfect for those smaller embellishments, from buttons and brads, to flowers and gliltter!

Specialty Storage Pages

Specialty Storage Pages are made from a heavier gauge of plastic and include features like double-sided storage and locking tabs and flaps for even more storage options.

These pages are currently available in a number of designs. They are made with a heavier plastic and are packaged in sets of 3-5 depending on the page design. Let’s take a look!

  • Expanding Project Planner Page: Keep kits and collections together when you’re planning a project with this page design. Here’s the layout:
    • Three Front Pockets: 4″ x 6″, 8″ x 6″ and 12″ x 6″
    • One Back Pocket: 12″ x 12″
    • One Middle Flat Pocket 12″ x 12″
  • Embellishment Storage Page: Perfect for stashing your teeny tiny decorative pieces! Each page has 24 gusseted pockets per page, each measuring 3″ x 3″ plus one centre pocket measuring 9.5″ x 12″
  • Side Loader Single Storage Page: These pages feature 12.5″ x 12.5″ pockets from heavier gauge plastic that will hold up to 25 sheets of paper. These pages load from the side and each feature a large flap, making it easier to take in and out!
  • Flippin Storage Page: Each page features 11 pockets in a range of sizes, perfect for card blanks, embossing folders, acrylic stamps, embellishments and more. Here’s the pocket sizes:
    • Five pockets measuring 5″ x 7″
    • Six pockets measuring 4″ x 6″

Tips for filling your storage pages:

Now you’ve chosen your storage pages, it’s time to start popping your papercraft bits and pieces inside! Here are a few extra hints to make sure you make the most of your ScrapRack!

Big stuff to the inside

It might seem counter-intuitive, but you want to load your bulkier items into the pockets that are closest to the Spinder. Load these items from bottom to top instead!

Use both sides

Remember that your pockets are clear on both sides. Place items into the pockets facing both frontwards and backward, this will ensure your supplies are the most visible.

Adding pages

When adding pages to your ScrapRack, always remove the Spinder from the base and lay it flat on the table. This is a good time to test your Spinders to see if they’re too full. When you push all the pages over to 1 side of the rings, and “pop” the rings open, no pages should “pop” off the rings..

Above the flap

It’s best if the items in your pockets come up above the pocket flap. This makes it easy to grab things out of the pockets. Try tucking the flap behind the item in the pocket – again, it will be easier to remove the item when you want it. Smaller items should be placed behind larger items, this will prevent them from slipping out if you turn the page upside down. You’ll be able to see them on the opposite side.

How many pages can I fit in my ScrapRack?

A good rule of thumb is 20-30 Basic Storage Pages per Spinder, but this will vary based on how full your pockets are.


Even More ScrapRack Tips

The ScrapRack is such a handy and versatile storage tool, there’s a lot to it, and a lot you can do with it! So we couldn’t let you go without just a few more handy hints and tips:

  • ScrapRack pages can get quite heavy, turn your pages from the upper right hand corner. This will keep things down in the bottom of the pockets where they belong
  • If you find your ScrapRack pages dragging across the table top, you may have your ScrapRack set up on its back.
  • Set up on its back, it will still work, however, the pages will drag across the tabletop and if your ScrapRack gets really heavy, it might even tip over.
  • To remove Spinders from your base unit insert a blunt edged instrument like a bone folder or butter knife at the top of the Spinder, between the hook and loop fabric on the Spinder and the hook and loop fabric on the base. Gently move it down the length of the Spinder to and it should come away
  • Always take your Spinder off the ScrapRack base before adding or removing pages
  • Choose the right size of pocket for the item you’re adding, if the pocket is too small for your supplies they may fall out. If the pocket is too large they’re harder to fish out!
  • Double your storage space by adding an expansion set to your ScrapRack System. Add an additional 15″ of space with each additional base unit to store and sort thousands of extra items!

We hope we’ve answered all of your questions about the ScrapRack from Totally-Tiffany. If you need a little more information – here’s Tiffany herself with some handy hints, tips and even more answers to your questions!

If this post has inspired you to spruce up your craft space and make more room for making – then keep your eyes peeled for more Totally-Tiffany posts, where we’ll be taking a deep dive into more of her core products!

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