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Free shipping available on orders over $125*

Free shipping available on orders over $125*

Tutorial: Chocolate & Candle box

  1. Read time: 1 minute
  2. Written by: admin
Jo has been making gifts for teachers, and created this wonderful tutorial so you could make a few too!choccandle9Supplies:Directions:choccandle1Step 1: Take an A3 sized piece of Centura Pearl and score it on the long side at 1", 4 1/2", 5 1/2 " , 9" , and 10 1/2".Move it along slightly so it lines up with any inch number at the top of your Big Score and score it at 1" away from your last score line, 1 1/2" and then 1". Trim away the excess card.choccandle2Step 2: Turn the card and score at 1", 7 1/2", and 8 1/2". Trim away the excess cardchoccandle3Step 3: Trim your edges into little tabs as shown, and crease all the score lines.choccandle4Step 4: Cut an aperture using a steel ruler and craft knife and line it with some acetatechoccandle5Step 5: Glue one end of your box together and the sides where the two meet.choccandle6Step 5a: Insert your goodies and glue together the other end of your box.choccandle7Step 6: Cut a strip of A3 card length wise, roughly about 2" wide and score this at 3", 4" and 9 1/8", move the card along so it lines up with any inch line at the top and score 1" from the last score line and then score at 3", so it looks as shown - trim away excess.choccandle8Step 7: Fold the score lines and wrap around your box, they overlap at the back so it hides and glue marks.choccandle10Step 8: Decorate as you choose. I used some paper from the Bebunni Christmas pad and some Die'sire Snowflake dies, the sentiment is from the Sentimentals range
  1. Papercraft
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  3. Autumn & Winter
  4. Quick Craft
  5. Scoring

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