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Watch Along Wednesday - miniature makings with the Gemini Mini

  1. Read time: 3 minutes
  2. Written by: Crafters

Welcome back to another fantastic installment of our Watch Along Wednesday series! In today's post, we're chatting about our latest release that has taken social media, stores and our website by storm. That's right, today we'll be talking all about the Gemini Mini! This dinky die-cutting and embossing machine will slot neatly into any craft space and quickly become your new best friend!

As the name would suggest, the Gemini Mini is teeny tiny with a die-cutting slot measuring 3″, making it perfect for delicate dies and embossing folders. It’s also our only manually-powered machine (so far), so you don’t need any electricity or batteries – just good, old-fashioned crafter power. Just turn the handle to roll your die-cutting or embossing sandwich through, and you’ll be left with the same crisp cut that you know and love from our other machines.

To get a good look at this machine in action and to get a glimpse at some of the accessories and tools that come along with it, hit play on the video below! He's produced an extremely fun birthday card, just ahead of our Birthday Week (keep your eyes peeled for more info about that)!

As you can see, even though this isn't a battery or electricity-powered machine, you still get the same crisp cutting power that you find across our Gemini family. However, it's main difference is that because of it’s small-scale size, it's a brilliant machine for carrying on the go with you. It would fit into almost any carry bag and it’s lightweight, so you wouldn’t even know it was there! For dinky die-cutting on the move, this is the perfect option.

To reduce any movement whilst you’re using the Mini, it has been equipped with suction cup feet, which means it will adhere to any surface. Just stick it down, get your craft on, then wiggle the machine back and forth to release the feet. This gives you the option to die-cut absolutely anywhere in the house, at a craft class or on holiday!

Of course, along with this teeny machine, we had to bring out a selection of dies, embossing folders and accessories to match. You can find a variety of adorable image dies from Gemini Elements and a whole host of sentiments from Gemini Expressions. These are both ideal for a range of occasions and will also work perfectly in your other Gemini machines.

Of course, you can also use dies from your current die stash in the Mini. As long as your dies will fit into a 6″ x 3″ plastic folder, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t use your current faves!

As for embossing folders, we have released a range of 6" x 3" 3D and 2D folders for the machine, which will help you to create beautiful backgrounds and textures for die-cut elements.

Pair all of these up with the Purple Plastic Shim and the set of three Plastic Folders to create stunning projects with ease. Then all these bits and bobs can be stored in the Gemini Mini Storage Bag for safe keeping or travelling!

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We hope that you've enjoyed this petite post and we’ll meet you back here next week for another edition of Watch Along Wednesday! In next week’s post, we’re going to showing you how to create beautiful backgrounds with the Large Background Layering Stamps. In the meantime, make sure you share your Gemini Mini creations with us on social, using the #WatchAlongWed hashtag!

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