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Shipping Update

Recently we took the difficult decision to make changes to our shipping costs for selected areas. We have seen your disappointment, heard your dismay and want to offer more information in order to be as transparent as possible. 

A combination of factors and challenges led to our move to raise the price of shipping to remote, overseas areas of the UK. It was not a decision that was taken lightly, and we worked hard to prevent raising costs to the customer for as long as we possibly could. 

As you will be aware, inflation is rising globally, the cost of living is climbing day by day and the cost of running a business is also growing exponentially. Here are just a few of the price hikes that sit behind the shipping process: 

  • The inbound freight cost to ship our products to our warehouse has quadrupled
  • The environmentally friendly packaging we use to reduce our plastic consumption has nearly doubled in price
  • The cost of fuel continues to rise to unprecedented levels
  • When shipping to the US, there are fewer available international flights to put packages on, and we are subject to COVID surcharges by domestic carriers which are out of our control 

As a company we have looked for ways to continue to absorb these additional costs whilst maintaining the same delivery service and it is simply not possible. 

In order to continue delivering our products to more remote areas of the UK, we have had to raise shipping costs to selected postcode areas. However we will continue to monitor the situation and will seek to lower delivery prices in the future. 

For a full list of affected postcode areas and shipping costs take a look at our Delivery Information page: https://www.crafterscompanion.co.uk/page/delivery-information/