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15 reasons to reach out with a homemade card

  1. Read time: 7 minutes
  2. Written by: Crafters

Here at Crafter’s Companion HQ, we absolutely love cardmaking and it’s one of our favourite things to do. If we’re not showing you card inspiration, we’re making cards at home! And with the events of 2020, we think that there needs to be a little bit more card-giving, don’t you agree? So for this post, we’ve decided to give you 15 reasons to reach out with a card. Take a look and maybe inspire your next project!

1. To make a real connection

Let your personality shine through by taking pen to card! It’s usually your first thought that makes the real connection and there’s no deleting or editing with a handwritten card, so pour all of your feelings out to make your loved ones feel special.

2. To show someone you’re thinking of them

Since when did you need a special occasion to send someone a card? We all love a ‘just because’ card or gift because it makes us feel appreciated. You may have tried a new design that you know your friend will love, a family member may need a bit of cheering up, or you might just want to reconnect with someone. Show that person that you’re thinking of them!

3. To give someone a keepsake

Hands up, who keeps cards that have truly meant something? Yes, you can save a text message or take a screenshot of something meaningful, but we bet that you spend more time looking at your special physical possessions than scrolling through old messages. It’s always lovely to revisit those words and thoughts!

4. To make the effort on a birthday

Nowadays, we get a notification on social media to signify that it’s someone’s birthday. We might drop them a message or write on their profiles and that’s that, but with a card, you’ve gone the extra mile to remember. Bonus points if the card is personalised with their name or some of their favourite motifs.

5. Because cards are a reminder of joy

A physical card is a constant reminder of joy for however long your recipient displays it. We’re all guilty of having our birthday cards on display long after the day is over, but they just make us so happy, don’t they? A beautiful array of cards can’t be ignored and the extra special ones are most likely to be kept for future reminders.

6. Because cards make more of an impact

A message on social media is nice and an e-card used to be the done thing, but handing over a physical indication of your appreciation or care for someone makes a whole world of a difference. We all know how amazing it is to receive a card on a special day or totally out of the blue, so why not give that warm fuzzy feeling to someone else?

7. To bring a smile to someone’s day

The power that a card has to make someone smile is second to none. If you aren’t having a particularly great day, a card can totally lift your mood and boost your positivity for the rest of the day. Not only will it give your recipients something to smile about, writing out your feelings will make you happy too!

8. To spread holiday spirit

Christmas is definitely the time to send a card and there’s nothing quite like spreading holiday spirit. It’s always such a magical feeling when you get that first Christmas card in the post and it’s proudly displayed on the mantelpiece. It’s one of those things that really gets people into the festive mood!

9. To explore your own creativity

In our busy lives between work, children and home, it can often be difficult to find the time to be creative and really explore our imaginations. Giving someone a card gives you the excuse to sit down and take time to craft the perfect project, allowing you to try new techniques, use new products and make something that they’ll love.

10. To produce something unique

While a shop-bought card is a quick fix, there really isn’t anything like making something totally one-off and unique. By making a card yourself, you’ll be able to create a project that’s totally personal to your recipient, which is something that money definitely can’t buy.

11. To bust your stash

If you’re someone who has a pretty big papercraft stash, making and reaching out with cards is the perfect way to whittle it down. While it’s always good to have a stack of card, pretty paper and embellishments in your craft room, it’s also a pretty great feeling to work through it and make amazing cards!

12. To tell someone what they mean to you

It’s one thing to type out a message and hit send, but we’re firm believers in that writing a message in a card is a certain way to get the message straight from the heart. Most of the time, you’ll find it easier to write what you wouldn’t usually say out loud, so this is the ideal opportunity to really say something from the heart.

13. To celebrate small victories

You absolutely don’t need an occasion to send a card, but of course, it’s lovely to receive a little something on birthdays and Christmas. But what’s even better is receiving cards for little wins, like getting through a horrible presentation at work, or having a full nights sleep with a new baby, or hitting a new personal best on the daily run.

14. To say ‘sorry’

‘Sorry’ is most definitely one of the hardest words to say, so make the process a little bit easier with a handmade card. You can have lots of fun making the card look pretty, then swallow your pride as you hand it over. The fact that the card is homemade too should also score you some brownie points!

15. To meet your neighbours

If you’re new in town, it’s always nice to pop a little card in to your neighbours, just to introduce yourself and potentially make a new friend. You could even include a photo of your pet with a little message from them to say hi! This always puts you in people’s good books and it means that your neighbours will feel comfortable chatting to you when they see you on the doorstep.

We hope that this post has inspired you to get your papercraft projects started! If you’re already a cardmaker, why don’t you show us your latest creations on Facebook UKFacebook USA,  TwitterInstagram UKInstagram USPinterest UK or Pinterest US using the hashtag #crafterscompanion.

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