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A Beginner's Guide to Double Sided Dies

  1. Read time: 5 minutes
  2. Written by: Crafters

Double Sided Dies mean double the crafting fun!  No, but seriously - these clever papercraft dies will help double up your creativity and crafting ability! 

You may have heard of Gemini Double Sided Dies before, but been a little unsure about just how they work, or worried that they’re just too complicated to even contemplate. Well, we’re here to de-mystify these amazing dies so you can unlock twice the papercraft perfection! 

Whether you’re a bit of a beginner, or are on the look out for a new technique, this handy guide will answer all of your questions so you can master a new die-cutting discipline!

What are Double Sided Dies?

The clue is in the name! Each Double Sided Die features a design on each side, so you can create two die-cut images and layered images with just one pass through your machine. 

They help you to save time, whilst giving you that precise and accurate cut that you know and love from our range of dies. Instead of rolling two individual dies through the machine to create two elements or layers, you will only need to use the one.

Designed right here at Crafter’s Companion, you won’t find this unique and innovative die-cutting technology anywhere else in the world! So, who better to take you on a little introduction to Double Sided Dies than us? 

What tools do I need to use Double Sided Dies?

The key tool you’ll need to unlock this amazing die-cutting power are Gemini Cutting Plates for Double Sided Dies. 

These cutting plates are specially designed to withstand the amount of pressure that comes with die-cutting on both sides. To cope with the extra pressure, they are created from a thicker, clear plastic. 

You will also need a die-cutting machine! The Cutting Plates for Double Sided Dies are sized to work with the Gemini Machine and the Gemini Jnr Machine, they also work with the Gemini Pro

How to use Double Sided Dies

Now it’s time for the fun bit! Getting to grips and having a go with Double Sided Dies. 

They may appear a little bit complex at first, but  really once you’ve sorted the plate combination it’s super simple! 

From layered panels, decorative toppers and cute window effects to stunning boxes - Double Sided Dies will open up a new world of die-cutting delight, so let’s get started with this step-by-step guide. 

  • Place your Cutting Plate for Double Sided Dies onto a Clear Cutting Plate
  • Choose your cardstock and place onto the Cutting Plate for Double Sided Dies 
  • Place your Double-Sided Die onto the cardstock 
  • Place another sheet of cardstock on top of the Double-Sided Die 
  • Put a second Cutting Plate for Double Sided Dies on top
  • The final element in our sandwich! Pop a second Clear Cutting Plate on top 
  • Roll through your die-cutting machine and watch as two individual die-cut designs appear! 

Double-Sided Die Collections

Different ranges of Double Sided Dies from Gemini require slightly different techniques, such as using different shades of cards to create layered flowers. Let’s take a look!

Gemini Double Sided Layerable Create-a-Card Dies:  These sets create stunning layered images and panels for your cardmaking creations. From starbursts, flowers and geometric patterns to festive designs - there’s something for every occasion. Use three different shades of card to let the image come to life!

Gemini Double Sided Create-a-Card Window DiesThese sets feature a single die that cuts two layers of the design, which can be adhered together to make a gorgeous layered image! 

Gemini Layering Edge’able Double Sided Dies: Each design is designed to cut a stunningly detailed and layered design onto the edge of your cards. The dies don’t have a bottom cutting edge, so the shapes are cut in. There is also a fantastically festive range of Christmas Double Sided Layerable Edge’able Dies - to cut cute scenes into the edge of your Christmas cards!

Gemini Double Sided Layerable Topper & Image Dies:These sets help you create gorgeous embellishments and centrepieces for your papercraft projects. This range includes sets to make gorgeous flowers using two dies to cut four layers - perfect to use with cardstock in contrasting colours! And there’s a Double Sided Layerable Christmas Topper and Image Die collection - perfect for festive makes!

Gemini Dimensionals Double Sided Box Dies: These sets are so versatile! Each set includes dies to create boxes in a range of sizes. Each die in the set will allow you to create a box base and a lid - saving time to build boxes with accuracy! 

We hope this guide to Double Sided Dies helps to answer your questions about these  innovative die-cutting tools!  If this post has got you thinking about exploring Double Sided Dies, why not tune into the below episode of The Craft Class on Crafter’s TV to find out even more and learn how to create amazing boxes and card panels!

For a warm welcome to all sorts of craft techniques, join us for more episodes of The Craft Class on Crafter’s TV to unlock your creative potential!

We hope this post has helped you get started with Double Sided Dies we’d love to see your finished projects on social media. Share your photos with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #crafterscompanion.

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