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Art Deco Fairy card

  1. Read time: 2 minutes
  2. Written by: admin

Art Deco Fairy Card

Thank you to Pat Robinson who has created this gorgeous Flower Fairies art deco style card! She’s provided a fabulous step-by-step guide that can be adapted to suit any designs – why not try it with a Beatrix Potter or Popcorn the Bear theme too?

You will need:

Crafter’s Companion Flower Fairies of the Garden CD-ROM
Centura Pearl Snow White A4 card
Ultimate Pro Crafter’s Companion
Stamped and coloured Flower Fairy image (alternatively you can use an image printed from the CD-ROM)

1. Choose a backing paper from the CD. Choose one with no definite pattern direction and print it on to the pearl side of the card.

2. Choose a second backing paper from the CD. Print this onto the other side of the card. Put the card back into the printer. Select the Verse Writer on the CD and print your chosen verse onto the bottom half of the card.

3. Place the card, pearl side up, onto the Ultimate Pro with the short edge to the handle. Score and fold along the Half Fold A4 line, creating an A5 card.

4. Cut away the unprinted edge from the bottom of the folded card. Place the card on the Ultimate Pro with the folded edge at the top, and the side to the handle edge. Make a mark at the Half Fold A5 line at the bottom. Trim away 1cm from each side of the card, to remove the unprinted borders.

5. Place the folded edge of the card to the handle edge of the Ultimate Pro and make a mark at the Gatefold A5 and Tri-fold A4 lines, on the two short sides.

6. Score from these marks to the middle of the bottom edge of the card, using any score line on the Ultimate. Make the score lines only on the front of the card.

7. Fold along these lines, one in a valley fold and one in a mountain fold, as shown.

8. Place a ruler along the edge of the mountain fold and make a mark on the top, folded, edge of the card. Cut from this mark down to the valley fold on each side of the card.

9. Place the ruler against the valley fold and draw a line on the back layer. Cut the corner sections away.

10. The cutting and folding is now complete and the card is ready to be decorated. I used the Candytuft stamp and coloured it with Distress Inks. You could also use an image printed from the CD-ROM.

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