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Create your own Christmas Pom Poms!

  1. Read time: 4 minutes
  2. Written by: Louise Brown
If you’re looking for a quick and crafty way to add some Christmas spirit to your home, then we’ve got just the tool for you! 

Our fantastic Pom Pom Makers are so easy to use, no matter how crafty you are, and leave you with fluffy festive pom poms in minutes and are perfect for wreaths, Christmas tree decorations and even turning into Christmas Gonks!

To get started, follow along with our step-by-step guide below, as featured in Sara’s brand new book - ‘Craft Your Year with Sara Davies’.

For your pom, you will need:

- Ball of wool
- Scissors

1. Open up one of the pom pom makers in the size of your choice.

2. Match the two halves of the maker so that the bumps fit inside the grooves of the tool.

3. Begin to wrap the yarn around one-half of the maker tool.


 4. Keep wrapping until the first half of the tool is completely covered with yarn and there are no visible gaps.

5. Repeat the process for the other half of the maker.

6. Snip the wool free from the ball.

7. Close the two halves of the pom pom maker together and secure using the latches.

8. Snip the threads of yarn around the outside of the circle. Your scissors will fit between the two halves of the pom pom maker and allow you to follow the circle.

9. A pom pom shape should now be starting to form on either side of the tool.

10. Once all the threads have been cut, take a length of yarn, slot it into the gap between the two halves and tie it securely around the pom pom shape.

11. Remove the two halves of the maker.

12. Trim the pom pom to neaten its shape if necessary.

To transform your pom pom into an adorable gonk like Sara, follow just a few additional steps!

You’ll need:

- 1pc multipurpose card
- 1 small piece of hessian
- String or twine
- Wooden beads
- A pencil
1. Take a piece of card and using a pencil, draw a semi-circle to use as a template. Cut out the template, then take some hessian and use the template to cut out a semi-circle shape. 

2. Fold the piece of hessian around so that the edges meet. Leave a hole at the top of the ‘hat’ that’s large enough to pull a loop of string through. Adhere together using the glue gun. 

3. Cut a piece of string to use as the hanging, fold it in half and push it through the hat until the looped end comes out of the narrow top of the hat. Adhere this into place with some glue.  

4. Thread a small wooden bead onto the looped end of the string and add a small dab of glue to keep it in place.

 5. Next, run some hot glue along the bottom of the inside of the hat shape and push your pom pom in place, holding for a few seconds to ensure that it has completely adhered.

6. Use the glue gun to attach a wooden bead onto the pom pom, so it slightly tucks under the hat, to create a nose.

7. Finally, finish by embellishing the hat with a couple of stars cut from the card and ribbon of your choice. And there you have it - your very own handmade gonk to add a touch of festive magic to your Christmas tree!

Find easy crafts for every season and occasion with Sara’s brand new Crafting Bible! Grab your copy today here!

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