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Free shipping available on orders over $125*

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Decorate your own Christmas bauble with Sara

  1. Read time: 1 minute
  2. Written by: Louise Brown
It’s the first week of December and if you don’t already have your Christmas tree up, you’ll likely be bringing a festive feel to your home in the coming weeks.

Create your own gorgeous bauble decorations in any colour palette of your choice this year with just 5 simple tools that you probably already have in your home! 


You will need:

A clear plastic bauble
Wax crayons
A hairdryer
A large bowl
A craft knife - we’ve used the Crafter's Companion Straight Softgrip Craft Knife

Creating your bauble

1. Unscrew or remove the lid from your bauble so you have an opening at the top. 

2. Take one or several wax crayons in your colours of choice and using your craft knife, carefully scrape small shavings of wax, placing them inside of your clear bauble.

3. Replace the lid of your bauble and put the entire thing into your large bowl.
4. Using your hairdryer, blow hot air over the wax, so it melts and spreads, leaving a beautiful marble-like effect all over your clear bauble.
5. Leave to cool and place on your Christmas tree!
Top tip! If using more than one colour, leave a few seconds in between each colour so they don’t all merge.

Looking for more Christmas inspiration? Be sure to keep an eye on Sara’s instagram for more festive treats!
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