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Embossing Folders 101

  1. Read time: 3 minutes
  2. Written by: Crafter's Companion

Embossing is the perfect way to add extra depth and dimension to your craft projects with barely any effort. Your recipients will be stunned as you present your papercrafts with gorgeous raised elements and maybe even ask how you did it, but all it takes is an embossing folder and a die-cutting machine – don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone!

Here at Crafter’s Companion, we’ve got three different types of embossing folders – 2D, 3D and Cut & Emboss. Each has been specifically designed to fit a purpose, so before you jump into using an embossing folder, it’s worth reading through this guide to see which one is best for you.

2D Embossing Folders

2D Folders are perfect for adding a raised image to your work, but they usually have one level of depth, which makes them perfect for creating backgrounds. They work best when layered underneath other elements to add a bit of texture and create an eye-catching look.

3D Embossing Folders

3D Embossing Folders pack much more of a punch and have been designed with varying levels of dimension to help you add images that pop. These folders are best for creating individual elements that can be cut out to be used as embellishments, but we stock a great range that have been designed as backgrounds!

Cut & Emboss Folders

As the name may suggest, the Cut & Emboss Folders emboss your projects whilst cutting out certain parts. They have each been designed with the raised embossing details, plus die elements to create frames or delicate embellishments.

How to use embossing folders

Surprisingly, even though the effects created by embossing folders are unbelievably beautiful and intricate, they’re very simple to use. All you need to do to master the basic technique is:

  • Select the embossing folder that you want to use and the card or paper of your choice
  • Open the folder up and place your card or paper inside
  • Shut the folder and place it on to your cutting plate
  • Add a plastic shim and the final cutting plate on top, then roll the whole thing through your die-cutting machine

And that really is it! You’ll be embossing absolutely every single project in no time at all!

What other techniques are there?

At a glance, you may think that embossing folders are only good for one thing, which really isn’t true! Take a look at this list of extra techniques that you can use to add even more versatility to these products.

  • Add gilding wax to the raised areas by dabbing a little on to your finger and gently swiping it across
  • Add ink to the inside of the embossing folder before running it through the die-cutting machine. This is called the letterpress technique and we’ve got a brilliant video about it here!
  • Use a white crayon inside the folder, then once the image has been embossed, spritz with ink or paint for a fun resist effect
  • Use them with foil, chipboard or washi tape for fun effects
  • Turn the embossing folder inside out to de-boss your material

Embossing is sure to become a staple in your crafting life in no time at all, so make sure that you keep us up to date on all of your makings. Tag us in your photos on FacebookTwitter or Instagram using the hashtag #crafterscompanion.

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