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Embroidery Made Easy With Our Hoop Project

  1. Read time: 3 minutes
  2. Written by: admin

Embrace the embroidery trend with ease and style with this stylish embroidery hoop created by Angela Harkness, using the Threaders Print and Stitch CD-ROM and Wash Away Webbing sheets. 

You will need

Threaders Print and Stitch Celebration and Floral CD-ROM
Threaders Wash Away Webbing
Embroidery hoop
Pink felt (ensure it’s bigger than the hoop!)
Fat quarter of pink linen
Various colours of embroidery threads
Collall Textile Glue


Computer & printer
Basic sewing kit
Embroidery needle
Quilt clips

How to make

Step 1

Using your chosen software, select your image from the embroidery CD. Resize it to fit inside the embroidery hoop and print it onto a sheet of Threaders Wash Away Webbing.

Step 2

Peel off the backing of the Wash Away Webbing, position the image centrally onto the linen fabric and press it with an iron. Insert the linen in the embroidery hoop, ensuring the design is positioned in the centre. Using a hoop for embroidery helps with tension and consistent stitches.

Step 3

Embroider over the printed image, choosing various decorative stitches to complement the design. Angela has used backstitch for the text, satin stitch to fill in the flowers and French knots to create dimensional flower centres.

Step 4

Once your stitching is complete, remove the fabric from the hoop and soak it in warm water as direct on the packaging of the Wash Away Webbing. Leave the fabric to dry flat, then press it to remove any creases.

Step 5

Trim away any excess fabric so it is 5cm (2”) bigger in diameter than the embroider hoop. Tack a running stitch around the edge. Position the embroidery hoop in place and pull the thread of the tacking stitches to gather the edges. When you’re happy with the positioning, tighten the screw on the hoop. Use Collall Textile Glue to adhere the gathered edge of the fabric to the reverse of the embroidery hoop and hold it in place using quilt clips until the glue has set. Trace around the hoop onto a piece of felt, cut it out and glue it to the reverse of the hoop to conceal all of the workings. Attach a ribbon hanging loop to the top of the hoop as shown.

Step 6

Your embroidered work of art is now complete. Hang the hoop somewhere special, or give it to a friend or family member as a handmade gift from the heart!

This project is featured inside issue 12 of Sew Inspired magazine, available from 24th May. If you like this, then be sure to check out other fabulous projects by purchasing from our website! If you’re a fan of embroidery and are looking for ready-made, high quality, fashionable embroidered patches you can order from

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