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How to create a light-up roaring twenties gift box

  1. Read time: 6 minutes
  2. Written by: Crafters

From flapper girls and jazz clubs to art deco and cocktail nights, the 1920s is a time to remember and celebrate.

Popularly known as the “roaring twenties”, this super stylish era has led to many themed parties and events, particularly since the release of The Great Gatsby film in 2013.

Having a Roaring Twenties or Great Gatsby themed party? What better way to thank your guests than with a gift accompanied by its very own handmade box, and with the new Sara Signature Roaring Twenties range, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Follow our guide below to create a gift box for your guests. We’ve used a variety of different techniques and products from the Sara Signature range however the gift box can be tailored to any event or theme with a number of different paper pads and metal dies available here at Crafter’s Companion.

For this creation, you will need:

From the Sara Signature Roaring Twenties range:

  • Luxury Foiled Acetate 8”x8”
  • 12” or 6” Patterned Paper
  • Art Deco Frame Cut and Emboss Folder
  • Charleston Couple Die
  • Shine Like the Stars Stamp Set
  • Luxury Linen Card

You will also need:

  • Black Card
  • Matt Mirror Green Card
  • Gold Glitter Card
  • Battery Lights
  • Pencil
  • Guillotine
  • Gemini Midi Die Cutting Machine or larger
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Red Liner Tape
  • Inkpad of choice for sentiment
  • Stamping platform
  • Foam pads
  • Tape Pen

Creating the box

1. Cut two pieces of black card measuring 10” x 8 ¼”.

Score down the long edge at 4” and 8” which leaves a ¼” glueing flap, and then across the bottom at 4” mark.  Cut the excess out and the score and burnish the lines.

2. Take a place of the green mirror card, cut it to 4” x 6” and then place it in the cut and emboss folder.

Run this through your Gemini machine and trim the edges slightly smaller following the outer line of the embossed edge.

Lay the cut and embossed piece over one of the black card pieces next to the glueing flap.

3. Take a pencil and draw round the aperture of the green card.

Using this pencil line as a rough guide cut out an aperture slightly larger than the line. Attach this piece of black card to the second piece of card.

4. Take your lights and place your battery pack towards the centre line of the four panels. Locate your light switch and cut a small hole for the switch to protrude through. Then secure the switch in place with some hot glue.

Lay down the lights around the edge of the aperture making sure to leave a little gap at the top. *Top tip: add some red liner tape down first it will enable you to adjust the lights if needed.

Secure the lights in place with hot glue and make sure not to get any glue on too close to the top edge.

Once the glue has dried, fold the remaining glueing flap over to create your base box shape.

5. Turn the box upside down and secure down the four base flaps.

Take another piece of black card and cut it 9” x 8 ¼”. Across the long edge score ½”, 2 ½”, 6 ½” and then 8 ½”. Then down the short side score 6” and 8” line.

Cut out excess leaving small glueing flaps around the top section.

Insert the card into the main box and use this to attach to the inside back panel of the box (see red lines on image)

*Please note some adjustment may be needed for the battery box for the light.

6. Take the acetate and cut a piece 8” x 6” and also 4” x 2”

Take the small piece and place it down on the inside bottom of the box

Take a piece of green card and cut it to 4” x 6” stick this to the back of the centre panel of the larger piece of acetate.

Slide this inside the front part of the box and secure it in place.

7. With the flap from the back part of the box fold this back over on itself to cover the front half of the box. 

Take some patterned paper and green card stock and create three mat and layers for the back and sides.

Attach these to the sides and back of the box. Make sure that you also cut round your light switch on one side of the box.

8. Take a piece of green mirror card and cut it to 4” x 6” and place the metal die on it.

 Run this through your Gemini Machine and pop out all the tiny pieces.

9. Take a strip of acetate that matches the background and cut a piece that is about ½” wide or follow the pattern for the width if needed. It needs to be 8” long. Score and burnish 1” in on both sides.

Insert this through the aperture and stick the 1” flaps to the base and lid.

Stick the die cut couple onto the new strip which will give it a floating effect as it 1” from the backgrounds and 1” from the aperture. Using the same acetate as the background helps disguise it.

10. Take another piece of card measuring 5 1/8” square. Score and burnish ½” down all four sides.

 Cut a slit in the corners and fold into a box lid.

Cut some patterned card for the edges of the lid and the top and add a sentiment.

Your gift box should now be complete – great job!

Shop the Sara Signature Roaring Twenties range with Crafter’s Companion from the 15th Feb 2023. 

Don’t forget, we love to see your finished creations! Make sure to show us on Facebook UK, Facebook USA, Twitter, Instagram UK, Instagram US, Pinterest UK or Pinterest US using the hashtag #crafterscompanion

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