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How to store your crafting collection

  1. Read time: 6 minutes
  2. Written by: Crafter's Companion

One problem that comes with having a huge crafty stash is having nowhere to store it. We’ve all been there – losing your favourite colouring pencil because you’ve put it down and forgotten to pick it back up, or that perfectly complementary thread has gone missing underneath a mountain of scraps.

Luckily, we’re here to tell you all about storage and how best to store your stash! Have a read and see how you can keep all of your favourite crafting products safe and secure.

Stamps and dies

The great thing about unmounted stamps is that the can cling quite easily to surfaces, which is why you don’t need to use adhesive when pairing them up with a Rock-a-Block. Because of this, we recommend storing your stamps inside a Die & Stamp Storage Folder with Acrylic Storage Panels. Once these panels are ring bound inside the folder, they promise to keep hold of your unmounted stamps until you need them again.

The same folder can also be used for dies, however, as dies are metal, they won’t be able to cling to the acrylic panels. This is where our amazing Magnetic Storage Panels step in! Your dies will be instantly magnetised to these panels, so you won’t have to worry about your dies becoming loose or getting lost.

Now that all of your stamps and dies are safe, you can slot the storage folder on to a book shelf or into your crafting cupboard for safe keeping! And what makes this storage solution even better is that you can travel with it! If you’re someone that loves crafting on the go, this is absolutely perfect for you.


The idea of taking your Gemini die-cutting machine away with you on a trip or to a local craft class is absolutely lovely, but how on Earth are you supposed to carry all of the plates and accessories that go with it? Well, we’ve actually got a fantastic bag for each of the Gemini machines – the original Gemini, the Gemini Junior and the Gemini GO. These bags are measured to fit plates, shims and mats for each of the machines, plus, we’re pretty sure you could also slot your favourite dies in there too!

Maybe you’re in the market for a bit of storage that you can use whilst you’re using your Gemini or Gemini Junior – we’ve got the perfect thing! The Gemini Storage Caddy was designed to slot underneath the original machine or the Junior, and provides you with several compartments to keep your essentials close by. The slots can be used for scissors, pokey tools, dies and so much more! There’s also a built-in tape dispenser for Low Tack Tape and a slot at the back for cutting plates and mats.

Sewing accessories

Sewing accessories are some of the smallest things in crafting, so it’s very easy to lose them. We’ve lost count of the amount of times our bobbins, threads, fabric pens and pins have gone missing! So to combat this, we recommend getting your hands on a Sewing Box! These boxes are full of little compartments and pockets to help you keep all of your stitchy bits and bobs in one place. With the extra handle, you can travel with it, so it’s the perfect piece of kit if you fancy doing some hand sewing on a car journey.

If you need a bit of extra help with you bobbins, try out the Threaders Bobbin Clamps and Bobbin Holders. These nifty little accessories were designed to stop any unraveling and keep your complementary bobbins with the correct threads. While the clamps fix around the bobbin, the holders slot into the thread spool, leaving a small piece sticking out for you to attach the bobbin to. They’re absolutely essential for sewists and quilters!

Spectrum Noir

Having loose art supplies and over-flowing pen pots just aren’t great for your crafty space. It’d be much better to keep all of your markers or inkpads in one place, and our Spectrum Noir storage is absolutely perfect for the job. With a variety of solutions, there’s sure to be something that suits you.

There absolutely tons of options for marker pens, but we particularly like the 24 Marker Wallet. As the name would suggest, this zip up wallet can hold up to 24 individual markers, so it’s perfect for artists on the go. There’s also a handy little pocket inside that means you can also carry any accessories on your travels!

If you’re after something a bit more heavy duty, there’s the Universal Carry-Bag. This humongous bag can store up to 216 markers or 42 inkpads with the help of the slot in trays (for markers or inkpads). There are also handy pockets inside and out to hold all of your essential tools, colouring and crafting supplies, so you can take your entire workspace with you! Of course, the trays mentioned can also be used without the bag – they be positioned on your work desk so that you can reach them at all times!

We also have trays that were designed specifically for the Aqua Markers, so you can store up to 48 of these pens in the handy little trays – ideal if you’re a bit of an Aqua Marker buff.

While we’ve got lots of storage suggestions from you, we’d love to see how you store your crafting supplies! Maybe you’ve handmade your own storage solution or perhaps you’ve got a top tip that you’d like to share? Either way, let us know on social media via our FacebookTwitter or Instagram using the hashtag #crafterscompanion.

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