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Introducing Totally Tiffany!

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It’s time to get organised and get to know Totally-Tiffany, a totally fabulous range of storage solutions specifically designed for crafters!

Crafting and getting creative can be so much fun, letting all of your worries drift away as you focus on your project and let your inspiration lead the way. But we’ve all had those moments when you step away from your workstation and when you come back you wonder if a tornado has suddenly struck! Or spend ten minutes looking for a die that you could swear you had in your hand just a second ago.

Well we have the perfect solution for you and it’s all down to one lovely lady! Tiffany Spaulding is the brains behind Totally-Tiffany. She has designed a whole host of amazing tools to keep all of your supplies in perfect order – so you can spend less time hunting for tools and more time crafting!

Over the next few weeks we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the amazing Totally-Tiffany storage solutions. But, first things first – it’s time for you to get to know Tiffany herself!

Hi Tiffany!

Howdy crafters!  

I’m so excited to be part of your crafting community.  For those of you whom I haven’t met either in person or in the digital world, my name is Tiffany Spaulding and I am a self-described organization freak.  Now that I’ve got that right out in the open, I’ll tell you a few more things so you can get to know me better. 

I grew up on the beach in a tiny Southern California town called Coronado.  I moved north to the Seattle area where I raised two crazy boys – London (23) and Maxfield (22). My husband, Park is a wildlife photographer and we now live in Central Arizona with our piebald dachshund Petey. It’s beautiful here in the desert, but what I love most is the heat! It’s nice to be warm and dry most of the time.

How did you get started with Totally Tiffany?

I started the Totally-Tiffany brand in early 2003 with The ScrapRack which is still our flagship product range. It’s a customisable binder style organisation system with storage page pockets designed to hold all sorts of papercraft materials.

The ScrapRack was born of necessity. As a dining room table crafter with 2 small children I was spending more time pulling supplies out and putting them away than I was spending crafting.  It was also a huge a mess – which is something that stresses me out.  

The ScrapRack solved so many issues for me – it literally kept me crafting.  Fast set up, superfast clean up – and everything stayed organised all the time, I could travel with it easily…it took my crafting life from cumbersome and overwhelming to inspiring and joyful.  I honestly don’t know how papercrafters can get on without one.

What other products have you created?

Over the last 18 years we’ve added 7 additional brands – EZ2Organize, Paper Handlers, Metal Maid, Desk Maid, Fab Files, Maid for Art, Totally-Tiffany Basics and more!

If I had to credit our success to 1 thing, it would be customer input.  Every crafter seems to have similar organisation challenges, but the solutions to those challenges can be very different.  People who craft at home need a different type of paper storage than people who travel to craft. Crafters who store their supplies in the garage need something different from crafters who have a dedicated room.  Without extensive customer feedback we would have never been able to develop the ranges needed to address most crafting situations!

What is your favourite product in the Totally-Tiffany range?

Hands down, the ScrapRack.  It’s the one tool in my craft room that ties everything else together.  I don’t have tons of time to craft, so when I do sit down to create something, I need to find things quickly.  Whether I’m creating a birthday card or working on a scrapbook page – everything is just a flip away!

Tell us about how you and your team began working with Crafter’s Companion

As the product lines and business grew, we had moved from one building to the next – in 2019 we were again at the point where the size of the building was inhibiting the business and I started looking for solutions.  When I met Sara, I thought – “I should ask Sara for advice, she’s grown a similar business, I’m sure she’s faced the same type of challenges.”  Fortunately, Sara simply said – “I’d love to help.”  We sat down together and the next thing we knew, we were hatching a plan to partner.  It was just that simple!

What’s your favourite part of your job?

Teaching.  I love helping people enjoy crafting. I have been teaching live classes and seminars all around the country – in 2011 we launched the Totally-Tiffany Get Organized Challenge, an online series of classes that I’m still teaching today.

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know Tiffany, and finding out more about the Totally-Tiffany range of amazing storage and organisation solutions! Take a look at the full range avilable from Crafter’s Companion!

If this post has inspired you to spruce up your craft space and make more room for making – then keep your eyes peeled for more Totally-Tiffany posts, where we’ll be taking a deep dive into some of her core products!

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