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How to use the Gemini Quilting Pattern Guides

Crafter's Companion – 05/05/19

Quilting is a highly creative craft and there are so many amazing things that can be made, but if you’d like to expand your creative horizons even further, the Gemini 6-in-1 Quilting Pattern Guides are for you.

Giving you the ability to create incredibly detailed quilted designs with little effort, these guides are a staple for both beginner and expert quilters alike to create projects with a little more oomph.

A stunning flower design created with the Set 3 6-in-1 Quilting Pattern Guide

What is a Quilting Pattern Guide?

These guides are created from 3mm thick acrylic and allow all quilters to expand their creativity by stitching stunning designs following along with the shapes that are cut into them. This means that you can achieve designs that are usually reserved for use with longarm machines rather than domestic sewing machines.

What designs are available?

In each of the Quilting Pattern Guides, you’ll find six different designs to play with. These can be mixed and matched, or you can pair the guides up together to create even more unique looks. To get even more versatility from these guides, they can be flipped to help you create symmetrical designs. Just take a look at the amazing flower petals and waves above for an example!

Set 1 – includes designs such as waves and half circles.
Set 2 – includes unusual shapes, like stars, flowers and curved waves.
Set 3 – includes designs like zig zags and petals

This cushion features an unusual long wave design that was made using the Set 1 6-in-1 Quilting Pattern Guide

How do they work?

Practice makes perfect with these guides, but all you need to do is hold them down on top of your fabric and move your sewing machine arm around the outline of the design.

To avoid mistakes, these guides feature an anti-slip coating on both sides. This means that they have a sustainable ‘grip’ on fabric – enough to still glide, but offering you a high level of control for accuracy. However, if you are worried about slipping, try out the Gemini Quilting Gloves for even more grip and precision.

For more of a visual explanation, take a look at the video below!

So if you love quilting, enjoy free-motion quilting, but want a bit more control, or you’re just looking to try something new, these 6-in-1 Quilting Pattern Guides will be right up your street.

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