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What is die cutting?

Die cutting is a craft technique that allows you to cut out intricate and delicate shapes and words - without using scissors or a craft knife! The effect and crisp professional finish you can create simply isn’t possible by any other method.

You can use your die cut shapes to embellish and decorate your crafting creations in card making, scrapbooking, gift box and gift tag making, home décor, quilting and more!

The results look impressive and professional but the best thing about die cutting is that it’s so simple to do! So if you’re a total beginner, read on for all of the basics to get started...

How does die cutting work?

Die cutting works by using a machine to apply pressure and cut out delicate shapes from paper, card fabric and other materials.

Gemini die cutting machines are so accessible and easy to use. Every machine comes with a full and easy-to-follow instruction book. Simply follow the steps to feed your die and card through the machine and watch as amazingly intricate designs are created!

What is a die?

A die is a metal shape with a sharp cutting edge which is pressed into your chosen card or fabric when it goes through the die cutting machine – a bit like a cookie cutter.

Dies come in all shapes and sizes for a whole host of occasions. From words, numbers and sentiments to delicate lace borders and starbursts, adorable animals and sweet treats to blooming florals and whole landscapes. So whatever you want to create, there will be a die to help you cut out a beautifully crisp and accurate piece with ease.

Die cutting is a great way to start your creative crafting journey! You get all of the satisfaction of making something by hand and it’s so simple to master.

If this post has inspired you to try die cutting, take a look at our How to Guide for Die Cutting for more details on how to get started!