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Discover even more shimmer with new Spectrum Noir Sparkle Brush Pens

  1. Read time: 3 minutes
  2. Written by: Crafter's Companion

Make your night skies sparkle with stars, help the sea shimmer with sunlight and add a gorgeously glittering finish to all of your creations with the new Spectrum Noir Sparkle Brush Pens!

You all loved the original Sparkle Brush Pens so much we thought it was time for an upgrade! These new pens are packed with fine glitter-micro pigment in an updated range of beautiful colours. There’s also a new Tint and Tone set designed to help you blend colours and create new shades!

Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at each of the new shades, and if Sparkle Pens are new to you, there is also a handy guide to creating stunning effects with ease!

What are Sparkle Brush Pens?

First things first, let’s lay down everything you need to know about these pens and what makes them so special!

  • Each pen is packed with fine glitter micro-pigment
  • The pens come in a range of vivid and blendable water-based colours
  • Flexible brush tip for accurate and mess-free application
  • Perfect for lettering, embellishing, colouring and more

What colours are available?

Each of the new sets in the Sparkle Brush Pen collection, includes three pens in a complementary palette of themed shades.

Here’s the full selection of shades:

What about Tint and Tone?

Well spotted! The new Tint and Tone set is so innovative we felt it deserved a little more explanation.

The Tint and Tone set includes three Sparkle Brush Pens, designed to blend with any of the other colours to create lighter or darker shades. This clever set will open up a whole kaleidoscope of new colour from deep atmospheric shade and light and subtle tone – there’s no limits!

Included with the Tint and Tone set: Crystal Clear, Starry Sky, Onyx Black

And let’s not forget the Clear Overlay Set! With three Crystal Clear Sparkle Brush Pens, this set is the perfect way to blend your sparkle colours without diluting their effect. And if there’s a flat colour that is the absolute perfect shade for your artistic creation, you can use a Crystal Clear Sparkle Brush pen to add an extra shimmering layer!

How to use Spectrum Noir Sparkle Brush Pens:

  • Remove lid and yellow seal then tighten barrel to break seal
  • Shake pen vigorously to mix glitter and ink
  • Gently squeeze the pen until ink moves into the clear chamber
  • Stop squeezing and brush onto scrap card until ink floods the bristles (can be encouraged with gentle squeezes if required)
  • Give a gentle shake (with the cap on) from time to time to keep ink and glitter well mixed
  • May need gentle squeezing if left unused for an extended period of time
  • DO NOT dip the Sparkle Pen into water as doing so will affect the formulation

As well as colouring, Sparkle Brush Pens are perfect for adding some lustre to your lettering and giving your embellishments some extra glitz and glamour to small embellishments for home décor, craft and art projects. Take a look at a Sparkle Brush Pen in action to see just how much glitter you get!

We can’t wait to see what you create with the Spectrum Noir Sparkle Brush Pens!

Make sure you show us what you come up with by sharing your photos and tagging #spectrumnoir on Instagram, posting on our Facebook page, or sharing on Pinterest!

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