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Tutorial: Create-a-Card Gift Box

  1. Read time: 3 minutes
  2. Written by: admin

Picture 5 CaC BoxWM

Sandie has made a stunning gift box with Create-a-Card dies,and done an easy-to-follow tutorial so you can make one too!



Picture 1 CaC Box

1. Using one sheet of A4 Matt Black card, with short side to top on a score-board, score at 1cm, 2cm, 17cmsand 18cm

2. Rotate 90 degrees and score at 18cm and 26.5cm.

Picture 2 CaC Box

3. Cut with scissors as follows:

  • On long side cut along 18cm score line to remove that portion, and discard.
  • On short side cut along score line at 26.5cms to remove that portion and discard.
  • Now remove a small section to make a tab by cutting from the 18cms score line to the 26.5cms end of card.

4. Repeat steps 1 – 3 three times so you have four completed panels.

Picture 3 CaC box

5. Place Die’sire Christmas Fireside 6″x6″ Create-a-Card die on black card with short side facing up so it is 1cm in (on the right hand score line) and 2cm down from the top, secure with low tack tape and run through Cut n’ Boss.

6. Repeat for the other three panels.

Picture 4 CaC Box (2)

7. Fold and burnish the 18cm score line (long side) and the 1cm tab (short side) on all four panels.

8. Use Crafter’s Companion Red Liner tape, making sure the tab is on the left hand side, as close to the outside edge as possible on the back side of the tab portion.

9. Repeat for all panels.

10. Cut four pieces of Crafter’s Companion acetate to 17cm x 17cm and use Crafter’s Companion Red Liner tape to secure each piece to the back of the panels, covering the Christmas Fireside (which will now form the sides).

11. With the front of first panel facing front fold the bottom section back (thus making the first section of the box base).

12. Place Collal Tacky Glue on one half of the folded back section (on the top) and layer on top the folded section of the second panel (at 90 degree angle to the first panel) (see picture above for reference).

Picture 6 CaC Box

13. Remove red liner tape strip on the second panel’s tab and adhere to the first panel on the front (important it’s on the front to add strength to the box)

14. Repeat with all panels to form the box base.

15. Optional step: cut Centura Pearl Hint of Gold card 17cm x 17cm and adhere to inside base of box to add a touch of elegance.

16. For the lid, cut Centura Pearl Hint of Gold card 20.5cm x 20.5cm.

17. On score board, score at 1.5cm on all four sides.

18. Cut at corners to form tabs.

19. Fold and burnish all score lines and add Crafter’s Companion Red Liner tape to tabs, fold two sides at 90 degrees and attach first tab. Repeat on all corners to complete box lid.

20. Optional step: Cut black card 17cm x 17cm and secure on back of box lid as shown. Alternatively cut acetate to fit in the same way if preferred.

Try this with another die!

See the other 6″x6″ Christmas Create-a-Card dies here:

Or make one for a birthday or special occasion:

Share a project you make using this tutorial with us on our Facebook page, tag us on Instagram (#crafterscompanion) or on Twitter (@CraftersCompUK)!

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